Aquarius February 2015

An ocean of true love in 2015

so then I said, let me dive right in

My dearest Aquarius,

Your life over the course of the next three years will HUGELY transform you, and you will be tuned to a higher octave of your current self. You are here for a greater purpose, dear Aquarius, and you feel it. Now the Universe feels it, too, and you will be tested at how well you take the reigns of the life you have chosen for yourself. Because you are entering a period of seeing many dreams come true for you, and right now you are becoming a proven leader in your passion, profession, and pursuit. The resonance of your soul will vibrate to a higher octave of being, dear Aquarius. Begin to soak in the present and allow for the most transformative years of your soul to just come and go, learn everything, be committed to what matters most to you, and remain unattached so you always powerfully let go. The source of all of these dreams coming true is none other than the god of wisdom, Saturn. He tours your eleventh house of aspirations and group memberships from December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017.

so then I said, let me dive right in
so then I said, let me dive right in

Saturn is the task master planet of the Zodiac, who puts you to work and rewards you for meeting your challenges head on by expanding your horizons by making your dreams come true. These challenges are brought through the only tool that Saturn has to test you: life. You have the right to choose the life you dream and fantasize of, dear Aquarius, and you do so because you are the forward-thinking visionary that can sense the direction of trends with precision. Your dreams are laid out right before you within your grasp as your dreams are measurable by precise steps you need to take, and when to take them. Saturn will be testing you by making you realize the cost of your dreams. What are you willing to give up? Thoughts percolating deep within your subconscious are telling you that you can no longer hide your authentic self. The only way you can manifest your dreams is by unleashing your true authentic self. Saturn will ask you to define who you are, as that is the only way that he will be able to give you the dreams you have long envisioned for your life. Now is the time to delve deeply into what your purpose on Earth is. Allow yourself to fail at times and always reconnect with your purpose, aligning your true self to guide you to your dreams. Your faith in yourself may be tested at times, and you will feel as though you shoot for a dream but you hardly make it. Don’t fret, as Saturn is not going to take your ultimate dream and aspiration in life away from you, but rather he is making you aware of the clutter that you do not need and that is weighing you down. He is making you purge your dreams of ostentations, inauthentic elements, and those dreams we hold onto to make others happy. He is totally reshaping your house of aspirations and transforming your soul so it can shine powerfully under the fruition of your dreams – your dreams. Only you know what your dreams are, dear Aquarius, though I suspect it also has elements of group membership, as the twelfth house is also the house of memberships. The subconscious is a bridge toward the greater collective consciousness, the one uniting all beings and levels of existence. And your brain – the power house of your existence – will unlock the hidden aspects of your identity that you kept back from others, inviting you to stand so authentically and brilliantly in the truth of your soul and others will love you for who you are, and accept you by granting you membership into their organization. Saturn is making you get to know your soul and surrender to it as you begin to appreciate over the course of the next three years that you are a spirit undergoing a human awakening, not a human undergoing a spiritual awakening. It is time to realize that your soul has a purpose, dear Aquarius, and you are meant to shine it radiantly forth, only as the most authentic you. Saturn may bring the end of some dreams, but that is because he is in cohorts with the Universe to make you happy. They want you to be happy, and they give you freedom of choice. They stand by you and they give you the love and support that you need at all times. Your life depends on surrendering your soul to your human existence, as the only way you can truly attain happiness is by being you, powerfully you, and the most beautiful you. Surrender to the beauty inside of your soul, respecting the fact that it has a right to the fulfillment of its purpose, and only you know what that purpose is. That purpose is glaring you right now in the face and with Saturn transforming your soul, down to its vibrational frequency, you will no longer doubt why you wake up every day and every morning because your dreams are at hand and they are all bound to come true by the end of this transit by Saturn, December 19, 2017. #doyouboo #makindreamscometrue

You begin the month of love with the Sun, the god of personality, ego and generosity as he is touring your first house of self-identity, illuminating your sense of self and empowering you to be you with finesse. In the first house of self, you are flourishing with great mental, spiritual, physical and even worldly growth. Your mind is clear as your priorities and to-do lists are clear. As the forward thinking sign of the Zodiac you are naturally an innovative soul, unafraid to break the status quo, as the status quo is static growth. You are not destined for a linear path, my dear Aquarius, but one of great mountainous accomplishments. Now is the time to celebrate for you are in birthday season and now is the time to get the satisfaction of knowing you are great at what you do and there is an obvious path opening before you straight to your future self. Be here in the now and the Sun will empower you with fortitude as you take every step to the top peaks with deliberate grace and elegant stride.

Mercury, the god of communication, tours the same house of self, and this little guy has been retrograde – which means he has been orbiting backwards rather than forward. Mercury, the poor little guy, has a lot on his small plate and he gets a lot of grief, but if you only knew how much he has to handle! He is the personal assistant to the stars – literally! Like Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, all of the planets, including the Sun! And these are no Hollywood stars, these are the stars that made #stardiva a hashtag to begin with. So no wonder this little guy gets to go on vacation a couple of times a year. He has to sort through the celestial baggage of these big planets that otherwise can’t take care of themselves without him the rest of the time #needymuch. When this guy goes on vacation, the stars above get lost, and as above, so below, so you on Earth have felt a lot of confusion, upheaval and miscommunications as you tried to sort through the makeup of your soul. Your soul is engaged in a powerful tug of war with your subconscious, with Saturn’s deep scrutinizing gaze peering at the worth of your soul, your sense of self-esteem, and how much you believe in yourself and thus what dreams you merit to come true. This is a powerful time of year with Mercury in retrograde, as his presence in your first house of self-identity has made you feel totally unaware of who you really are. Who are you in your relationships with others? Are  you just following the status quo and doing what you are told to do because that is just easy? You are meant to break ground, Aquarius, so why hold back? Mercury is on vacation, and boo you need to handle your own soul stuff on your own. And, the things that once gave you satisfaction in the past no longer yield such satisfaction today, such as past lovers, professional relationships, or even the most basic approach you take towards relationships as a whole. You are being tested by life as it presents goodies on a silver platter, perfect for you! Or so you thought. You take one bite, give one kiss, embrace just once and your soul flips the switch, shutting off into the void of darkness the light that attracted you to it to begin with. You rethink everything you once thought you were sure about. Mercury is nowhere to be found to help you sort through all the spiritual, intellectual, physical and worldly self, as your identity is undergoing a fundamental rebirth. When Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, February 11, the truth of you will be staring right at you and there will be no holding back. In fact, you will not be able to resist, as Mercury comes back to forward orbit with great speed and action, empowering your self-expression with an ease of communication and openness. A new you will arise, and perhaps the change is so drastic from black to white because that literally is what is happening. A piece of your soul, which was unexplored, dark and lost in a void, is discovered, and with the flame of the Sun burning on the torch of your soul, you are bringing light to darkness, and exploring a whole new aspect you never thought was possible. You stand so powerfully in this newness that others are stunned and amazed by the light radiating from your soul.

A wonderful sweet-like-honey New Moon arrives on Wednesday, February 18th, one full week after Mercury is in full swing motion, clearing up with finesse all the disorder he must now bring order to. In fact, he does so because he is in love with the Moon. She is the celestial universal best friend of every being whose life falls under the governance of the Zodiac. She is the goddess of compassion, rebirth, mercy and empathy, the scribe of our emotional lives, and who sheds so many tears as she hears of our sufferings that she makes us believe it was she and not us who suffered – such is the grandness of the Moon’s powers for empathy. Now can you see why Mercury is so in love with her? Who else can understand taking the weight of everyone’s chaos when he goes retrograde, and the anger and cruelty he is subjected to, as all of his blessings and gifts go overlooked and pushed aside because it is so easy to feel entitled to the ease of life Mercury creates and then criticize him for taking rest and going on vacation, which he needs. When he comes back into orbit, he will quickly bring a great sense of order and structure to your life, and he will host with love and affection, the New Moon. On this night she sheds the cloak of her glorious rays to dance bare into the mysterious void of the dark night to undergo her monthly rebirth. You will be granted a great new opportunity to feel your emotional life be as fulfilling as your spiritual and intellectual lives. The Moon is your emotional scribe as the god of emotional health, and there will be amazing energy from others and the universe that lifts your spirits and allows you to feel appreciation for who you are and the irreplaceable significance of your life.

Throughout the month of February there is great celestial activity in your second house of money and self-esteem, dear Aquarius. Venus the goddess of love, pleasure and indulgence is arousing your sense of comfort for the luxurious by opening your wallet to all of the possibilities of consumer happiness. Just be sure to spend judiciously as you must take care to not borrow from your future, which is what the futuristic-mind of Aquarius cares about most. During this month, until Friday, February 20th, Venus will bring her love for the good side of life to your mind, bringing a lot of opportunities to be social. With Venus influencing your house of money, she also stokes the fires of your sense of self worth, which matters astronomically more than money. Your self-esteem is inspired by the charming sincerity of Venus, making you simply irresistible, as people take you at face value and place a great value on you, as well.

In this same house of money and self-esteem, Mars the god of war, will power and action, is bringing a great sense of financial awareness. You appreciate under this transit that your soul is limited to just this one life. Mars is giving you so much energy to face the task of proving your self-worth by bringing a great power to your ego derived from the simple fact that life is short and this one is yours. Your ego will speak with authenticity during this phase as it proudly proclaims your self-worth, and the Universe agrees. The red forces of war by Mars are bringing the soldier-like regimen to evaluating your own self-esteem. Your self-esteem is heightened and you are powerfully asserting yourself. Neptune, the god of inspiration and dreams, hosts the celestial perfect couple, Venus + Mars,  in your second house of self-worth, inspiring you to feel that true love is possible; the kind of love that is generous, abundant and unbound in its total appreciation for you as you totally are. Like a dream come true, you will love you first, best and better.

You began the month on the heels of a wonderful Full Moon in your seventh house of relationships on Tuesday, February 3rd. On this night, the Moon dawns the incandescent rays of her love, to bring about a whole new opportunity to enjoy professional and romantic relationships. With Mercury retrograde and a lot of inner work occurring with Saturn, you may feel as though your relationships are not fulfilling. As Mercury goes backwards in his retrograde, he will bring people back from the past, almost always to make you see with your eyes of today at the things you no longer need from your past. Your past comes to tease you for a little bit, but for the forward thinking Aquarius, going backwards is not an option, and reliving the past is not either, so as Mercury goes forward you will understand better your own preferences. Your sense of self will speak about what you are willing to concede and not concede because you only have one life to live, so why would you live a lie, especially with someone else that is perhaps not for you. The Moon is bringing her lights to the secrets that lurk in the night. On this night you will realize a fundamental fact about your true love. Your true love will come to you in real life or in a vision, but it will surprise you as secrets make things we suspect are true, to come true #hardcore #fareals.

Jupiter has been orbiting through your house of relationships with others, bringing a total transformation to your perspective and prerogatives from your professional and romantic relationships, from June 2014-July 2015. Jupiter is the beneficent god of good fortune and abundance, as he is your celestial body guard making sure that you are always safe, secure and happy. As he goes through your seventh house of relationships, you are being tasked to clean out your closets, literally, as you realize that you can only attain true happiness in your relationships with others if you purge yourself of the things that you do not need. You do not need the lies, the dishonesty, the things that no longer bring you happiness, the concessions that you are no longer willing to make and you are more honest about what you really need, emotionally, sexually, romantically and intellectually. You purge yourself of this like a soulful detox because Jupiter is allowing you to fully be ready to receive all of his gifts by clearing out your space to house all the rewards. Like true true love. The kind that you only thought of in your dreams and did not believe you could really have. A truth will come out within you during your birthday season, dear Aquarius, and you will no longer tread the waters of lies, but the ocean of true true love.

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