Aquarius Horoscope January 2017

Dear Aquarius,

Happy New Year! Welcome to an improved new you in mind, body and soul.  Your eyes open to your inner truth.  You enter the year focused on your true sense of self, in your job, home, school, and in the mirror.  You improve your economic standing in life with a profound discovery of your authenticity.  Being one with your inner self leads you to heal the past to succeed today and the future.


The master of expression, Mercury, tours your Palace of Intuition with a transformative force of mind.  He went Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations – as if there were no worst time! – and retraced the foundations of your existence.  Mercury unearths revelations of your deep inner self to free you of toxic, destructive and addictive thoughts.  You change your habits with a renewed sense of peace in openly being true to yourself.

When Mercury Retrogrades he physically goes backward in his orbit in your Palace of Intuition.  He tills the earth beneath the surface so you are able to appreciate your fertile inner truth.  Think of the Palace of Intuition as your garden of happiness which rules over your emotional, spiritual and logical psychology. These planes of your mind get totally renovated to heal doubt and fear. Mercury throws hissy fits and tantrums because he is a staunch perfectionist.  He already visited and went Retrograde in this palace Jan 7th – 26th, 2016; so this is your second wild retro-ride in one year.  Mercury had created a new inner sense of being by which to enrich your life in 2016.  He re-tilled the soils of your being, but much of the personal progress, achievements and gains did not handle the pressure of 2016, thus his second retrograde in your Palace of Intuition in 1 year (which hardly ever happens, but will so again – more on that later). Mercury cleans up your mental flow of blockages and stress as you totally refit your newfound inner being to life, because 2016 felt like it happened to you. This time around, you happen to 2017.

A certain inner issue deeply associated with your psychology is resolved with this Mercury Retrograde.  One fundamental element to your identity did not seemingly fit the social, familial, or institutional bill.  The issue of self-acceptance boils over in this Mercury Retrograde. It is the crux of your ability to be happy, which I hope with this horoscope you are confident to pursue.  Coming out with the pain, harm, and suffering associated with this fundamental aspect of your psychology, restores peace of mind.  The light at the end of your struggle culminates to true self-acceptance for the truth of your being. 

Mercury plants seeds of an ideal life when he moves back into your Palace of Intuition.  He is done tilling the grounds of your life and you can begin to grow.  In mind, body and soul, you are ready to enjoy the true pleasures, fun and joy of life in 2017.  You are in a profound state of thought and discovery.  You are meditative and words come to you, which you express privately in a journal, or publicly in conversation.  From Jan 13th – Feb 7th, Mercury restores your love of self, and possibly someone else.  If your mind feels dimmed or fatigued, Mercury revives your inner light.  This is the perfect time to chase after your passion, find the job or person, to re-discover the very meaning of peace. Look to Jan 9th when Mercury stops his retrograde and goes direct. Your passion is quenched with the delivery of peace of mind: in a letter of forgiveness, in self-acceptance, acceptance by and of others, and even true love.

Your mind reclaims self-control and peace of being under the Palace of Intuition.  Your attention to your needs in 2017 differ from those in 2016 with clarity and an urgent call to act. Matters of life show you its fragility and strengths.  I hope this horoscope inspires you to think and imagine your ideal life and believe it is possible.. Recall one fundamental truth of life, which is: it is all mental.  Thought is the precursor to creation, so the mere ability to think of your ideal life suggests its possibility to make it real. By Feb 7th, the month of love, Mercury helps you reset the flow of thought and empower your mind, and reality.  A more authentic and fearless you conquers 2017 (like a true Aquarian!).

The Sun

The Sun imbibes your mind with peace to heal pain and hurt.  They glory of his light opens your eyes your inner gory along with Mercury from Dec 22nd – Jan 21st.  They forge in tandem a sense of self which shows your inner truth. A fundamental truth of your identity was kept hidden.  Its secretive burden proved an actual weakness; it weakened you.  One’s inner truth is vital for the mind, body and soul; if left hidden and its glory shrouded in dark secret, your truth diminishes, and everything, too. On Jan 21st, the Sun revives the vitality of your truth and shines strongly forward. If you are gay, may your coming out be glorious! If you are sick (literally, sick) of battling against yourself, the Sun makes sure to remedy the ill. The second you openly express your truth, you feel powerfully in control of yourself.  No one can direct you because finally (for once) you are pursuit of your truth. On Jan 22nd, your air element is given new breath when the Sun enters your Palace of Ego, Jan 22 – Feb 18th. He sets alight your birthday time, when you encounter yourself in society.  Society and the world of humanity await your glorious truth.  People will feel inspired by your self-acceptance.  The truth you kept secret all along was the one true way to happiness.  2016 crumbled by the force of the world’s reality, which pummeled you with constant blows. One second, your life was placed in ideal straits to success; one second later, you up and left more unhappy than happy. Ever the romantic, your Aquarian self bounced back, only to feel thwarted again and again.  You realized, a very important piece of you desired acceptance by no one but yourself.  This self-acceptance is what makes birthday time a milestone in your life.  2017 solidifies the cornerstones of your true inner identity, and carry you into success.


The ever divine goddess of beauty and love, Venus, beautifies your idea of self. She tours your Palace of Ego from Dec 8th – Jan 4th, and spruces up your life with a total makeover in mind, body and spirit.  Your renewed love of self in 2017 is beautified by Venus who enriches your daily routine with time to appreciate your blessings, meditate on your strengths, and give thanks for the greatest of your riches: your life.  Venus helps to wholly redefine your identity in favor of a confident self-expression. By Jan 4th, you polish up and embrace your true inner self.  She gives you hope in socially expressing your personal identity as she enters your Palace of Value Jan 5th – Feb 4th.  Whom better to excite this palace than the goddess of enterprise and business savvy.  She seeks to beautify the inner changes the Sun and Mercury unearth by giving you security in money and esteem in your self-worth.  She allows you to keep developing your sense of self through reflection.  She also uplifts your confidence to pursue the type of pay, lover, spouse, car, house, etc., that will give you the satisfaction in life you desire.


Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god of war.  As she follows close behind, Mars forges new financial territory, which Venus later fills with riches.  In her efforts to enrich your life with self-love and peace of mind.  Your perception on wealth includes an honest look into your idea of a meaningful life.  With a more authentic idea of your true sense of self, believe in your ability to overcome and thrive.  There is an emotional, financial, or romantic component to this self-belief, which increasingly became frustrated.  However, Mars helps tear down walls so you definitively claim your self-worth in the mirror and paycheck.  On Jan 28th, Mars helps secure a financial and material stream of satisfaction as he enters your Palace of Value.  He inspires determination and warrior-strength to open the channels through which you can make great financial and spiritual accomplishments. The deterministic god of strategy looks upon your spiritual and monetary wealth, and see how 2016 both promised and gambled with your wealth.  Your concerted efforts to be true to yourself culminate to a tipping point.  Money and spiritual blessings are physical creations from your spiritual energy, which Mars shows is abundant with energy when based off your truth.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows in your knowledge, and ebbs in your career. As you embrace your inner true self, the Moon makes a monumental visit to your Palace of Money.  Jan 5th, the Waxing Crescent Moon inspires amazing self-awareness.  She initiates a trend of enlightenment and freedom of thought.  She helps to articulate your inner truth with words to powerfully express your mind.  Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on this day, as previously mentioned, reinforcing the incredible force of your true self.  Mars will soon visit, as well, suggesting Jan 5th will show you the evolution of your identity, and the lessons you learn gain you wisdom.  This Waxing Crescent is a new wave of self-esteem that powerfully launches your new year.

The crescent dons her celestial dress of light as the Full Moon on Jan 13th.  She waltzes right into your Palace of Enjoyment and, under her twinkling truth, she shows off your allure in full glory.  This is the time to make important moves in life, like announcing your new sense of self.  This palace looks over your state of true love, the object of your affection, how you genuinely create intimacy in love.  You can waltz into social media, or break the ice in an email (or swipe right), and let this moon deliver. Polish up your social mask to reflect your true inner self and present it to the world.  You can enjoy more satisfaction and love with a creative pursuit: paint, draw, write, color, remodel, anything which inspires your imagination.  This Moon also allows you to pursue your passion in life with your true inner passion.

The Full Moon recedes into a Waning Crescent to bring closure to a life-changing 2016.  On Jan 19th,  the Waning Crescent stops by in your Palace of Career.  She begins to resolve many issues at the workplace, spefically any which limit or hinder your pursuit of happiness.  Your understanding of the world is fundamentally different in 2017, thus I encourage you to embrace all of your hardwork to arrive to today.  This will definitely help when your bosses, VIPs, or executives, or looking over the year’s worth and reward you with a promotion, a raise, bonus, honor or great accomplishment.

The first month of 2017 ends with a renewed sense of self.  The New Moon of Jan 29th concludes the month with a visit to your Palace of Ego.  Embrace your passion with full of conviction as it is what you are meant to be doing.  The truth of your heart is too unique a splendor to fade away.  When the Moon is New she gets naked and sheds herlsef of her light, and goes silent into the night.  She cannot be seen, because she is too good to be cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up.  This Moon take you by the hand so you are passionately in pursuit of your truth.  In love, marriage, at home, in your job, in bed and the bank, 2017 is shaping up to be stable, secure and prosperous. Just be sure to follow your heart’s inner truth.

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis

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