Aries February 2015

My dear Aries,

Life has a tendency of overindulging in its torture habits – or so it’s seemed. Over the past three years you have housed Saturn, the task master planet, in your eighth house of others’ money. As the disciplinarian of the cosmos, Saturn is thorough in his scrutiny and you had him peering right over your shoulder as you wrote every check, signed every lease, and opened every line of credit – many of these being firsts for you. At times you encountered obstacles that nearly threw you off your game, like identity theft, or bankruptcy at worst – splurging and not saving enough at best. All along Saturn was there to guide you through these lessons life may throw at you, and thus he teaches you and helps develop your soul through the substantial and long-lasting value of experiential wisdom – not voluminous intellectual wisdom. Saturn makes sure you get the real-life experiences that render the wisdom needed by you most.

You can now turn a new leaf, dear Aries. Saturn left your eighth house of other people’s money and entered your ninth house of mental exploration! Whereas Saturn’s lessons helped you overcome fear of money associated with lenders and contracts – a “no-no” to the savvy and independence-loving Aries – Saturn’s lessons in the ninth house will expand your mental horizons. From December 23, 2014-December 19, 2017, you will find great fulfillment in any kind of intellectual activity. Ever wanted to learn and dominate at chess? Now is the time to use the power of Saturn to hone in on the talents that once seemed beyond your power and your grasp. Higher intellectual studies are favored now, and Saturn will be sure to scrutinize every bit of that application to that top elite graduate program. Saturn will provide you with the credentials and the achievements you have been vying for, but constantly delayed for something else more important. A lot of preparation must be done first, because Saturn’s rewards come at the end, once the lesson has been learned. Many of you actually just signed your first car lease, or acquired a house, or mortgage, or bought a second house, or if money is plenty and you can afford a little bit of luxury, you just acquired the time share you have been wanting, or the yacht.

Saturn’s lessons are taught to us all, and we are taught by the same cosmic disciplinarian and teacher of wisdom. Now he is guiding you into a stronger mental you, a greater sense of self-awareness is gained after Saturn’s visits to this house. Pre-conceived mental illusions about races, people, and creeds will be questioned under Saturn’s intense scrutiny of your thought processes, so beware your sensitivity to others. Saturn will be confronting you directly with your biases and question you, like perhaps your subconscious is greater than your conscious mind, which has developed a narrow view point? And in order to bring the truth brooding in your subconscious, your conscious mind will be questioned, and all its supposed systems of belief, how you process pain, and past traumas can come up. To show you how much stronger you are now. You are your past and you are also most definitely, and very powerfully, your present and your future. Saturn is bringing you to the truth deep within your subconscious, which your physical being will manifest from every cell to every wave of energy you produce. Saturn will teach you the qualities of being a citizen of the world – open minded and humbled, because Saturn above all is an ego-crusher. At the end of Saturn’s transit through this house, you will feel more love for humanity, more compassion and more abundantly happy, because Saturn’s gifts of the mind are wisdom as expressed love.

Saturn’s lesson: The wise love most. How wise are you? How wise can you be? Prepare to answer those questions, then be tested by Saturn, not once, or twice…but for three years. Don’t worry, he knows what you need (and deep down you do, too, because with experience gained the sharper our intuition. You will master your intuition with Saturn here and already deep down you know what you need).

The month of love has many more surprises in store for you, dear Aries. The first of which is a glorious full moon February 3 in the fiery sign of passion, Leo, ruler of your fifth house of true love! Oh yes, Aries, light up the candles, this kind of full moon only comes once a year. The moon is our cherished shoulder to lean on for all of our worries, pangs, sorrows, and she wipes away our tears. Our moons blanket the backgrounds of our tears. She is also the celestial scribe of our emotional lives. On this night, she is sure to make you forget all about your tears. The past is in the past! The fifth house is now! The fifth house is the house that reminds us that we remain children at heart forever. This is the house of true love, fun, children, and with the Moon’s incandescent rays illuminating this house, you will be brought back to the idealism of your youth and you will get a taste of what it feels like to be forever young. This full moon is all yours, Aries! Soak it up! Every last ray of it.

Remember I said there were surpriseS with a capital S at the end? Oh yeah, well, Jupiter, the big celestial bodyguard of the zodiac who protects each of us like he’s our own personal private security out to give us the best fortune (whew, that was a mouthful)…well he’s orbiting close by to the Moon. When Jupiter and the Moon dance it is doubly glorious, Aries! When the beneficent god of good luck, Jupiter, and the devastatingly gorgeous purity of the Moon come together in the fifth house of love, sparks, passion, emotion, thrill, romance, and deep profound desire whirl like invisible maelstroms around us. Let yourself be overtaken, Aries. Go, dance! And do so with fervor that Leo – the rule of your fifth house of true love – brings to all of his endeavors. Leo is a cultured sign, very proud and sophisticated who is impressive in style as he is charm. No one hosts company quite like Leo, and he is treating the Moon and Jupiter to the fine elegance of his celestial dance floor.

The Sun, the celestial giver of life, shines his rays with a posse of other planets upon your twelfth house of the subconscious and self-healing. It is the celestial trifecta of the big name planets: the Sun, Venus and Mars. The Sun illuminates all aspects of our lives. We see his rays give power to the colors of an ornate Persian rug, allowing turquoise blues play seamlessly with mustard yellows. His power is no different to our minds and the vast, unexplored caves of our mind’s subconscious.

Remember, dear Aries, you are a child of the Universe and the Universe wants you to be happy. Under the Sun’s influence in your twelfth house of the subconscious and self-healing, the Universe will show you things in your subconscious you have been refusing to see. These can be long forgotten memories of trauma or hurt. The Sun’s guiding light is an electrical charge of love, a resuscitating love that gives light where there is no light. At this point in his touring of your twelve houses, the Sun has visited every sign, illuminating for a month at a time every one of our houses. The twelfth house is the last one before he enters your first house, in Aries. Now as he tours in Pisces, how apropos to confront your deepest self, the self you have hidden, but is the truest you!

Dear Aries, you are arriving to your true self! The Universe wants you to be happy by being the person you are deep in you outside in the open with the world! This is a time for a discovery of your strength and self-trust!

All month until February 20th you will house Venus, the goddess of love, culture and festivities in your twelfth house of the subconscious and self-healing, as well. Venus inspires your appreciation for the prophetic and self-healing powers of your dreams. Our dreams can at times provide the key to the resolution in life we are looking for since our dreams are but jumbled projections of the plot in our lucid reality. Things can play themselves out in our dreams that are borrowed real-life scenarios, and upon waking up know exactly how to reach resolution in the real-life situation. This can play itself out as a total undoing of your sense of self. This is a time to shed a new skin. Venus is opening up the deepest recesses of your mind, beyond the channels in your mind’s cave that are illuminated and into the darkness. She is voyaging deep into those dark spaces to help you confront your fears. She is a goddess and will never lead you astray, for remember, you have free will, you choose what you confront. She is just there to stand by you with her love.

The twelfth house is the house ruled by the sign immediately preceding yours – Pisces. By now, Venus has toured all twelve houses of your zodiac and this is a great time to rejuvenate your well being. This is a cosmic reset for you, Aries, a time when Venus has toured through all twelve houses, illuminating them to inspire them and thus change them. You have changed a lot as Venus toured your twelve houses. You are a lot more cultured, a lot more aware of your personal boundaries in love, and a lot more certain of your self in matters of love when coming to love another.

Her wonderful celestial rays are with none other than Mars, her cosmic love, the perfect couple. Mars is the god of war to Venus’ goddess of love. They fulfill one another and form the balanced unification of peace and war, of the white and red powers at odd with one another, and harmonious in their accompaniment of one another.

Mars tours your twelfth house, as well, energizing your efforts to understand the world of your subconscious. The subconscious is being energized with Mars’ influence and with precise intentions. The true you is being coaxed to come out, though the results may be at times questionable. The subconscious loves to believe there are no limitations, that all your deepest dreams, or the most innocuous action is perfectly fine. Not so, dear Aries. Under Mars’ influence in our subconscious you may want to venture beyond what is normal behavior because of an inflated ego, one that believes it is mightier and greater than it is. That is okay, though, because Mars has to venture into the world with an inflated ego, with unyielding faith in his might, since he is always at war.

You will always have Venus just a breath away to reel you back in, and remind you that life is all but a mental exploration of the mind of self, others and the divine. This celestial interplay of the white forces of peace and the red forces of war underscore the same fundamental balance of life, so delicately the same for everything: the breath. Through one breath we inhale peace, and war in the exhale of another. Like a swinging pendulum, your breath goes from one extreme to the next, and the practice of a mindful person is based on the ideal slow rhythmic power of the breath – the breath that connects you with others and the divine. One breath that is at peace in times of peace, when space allows for a deeper exploration of what that peace means, and at peace when there is chaos from the action of war. This is happening under the watchful eyes of Pisces, who is a master communicator, and a water sign that bodes well for a subconscious that is experiencing a lot of planetary energy.

On February 18, you have a wonderful New Moon in your eleventh house of dreams that come true and social gatherings, ruled by Aquarius. Aquarius is a forward thinking innovator whose wit is as fast as his analytical mind, and who is always aware of what is hot in the moment! With the Moon shedding her cloak to go bare into the night, black as the black cosmic void of the deep night, you, too, are shedding your cloak. This is a new opportunity for you, a delve into the mystery, and a great celestial door is opening for you sent directly from the heavens so, Aries, get geared up! This is a time for you to enjoy being social, so keep your ears perked for any exciting invitations, wine tastings, athletic studio events, any fun new social gatherings. Use the Moon’s influence to let go of your past insecurities, and your present ones, and realize you have every reason to fully self-express yourself in the moment and take command of the room’s audience. Aries is a born leader, and an audience is their spotlight.

I would love to finish off with Mercury. You begin February in the throes of Mercury being in retrograde. This little planet has so much on his huge plate. He is the cosmic administrator to the stars – literally. And these are no stars, they are Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – you get the point. And this poor little guy has to deal with all their mess, because he’s their personal and private secretary. Remember, the shoes with wings? Well, Mercury is endowed with divine gifts that allow him to be every single planet’s PA (personal assistant), and he essentially gets to go on vacation four times a year. Which is why so much goes haywire, because literally the stars are lost without him to save them from their diva baggage #needymuch

Mercury is in retrograde until February 11 after having reached all the way back to 1* Aquarius – in your 11th house of dreams that come true. Yes, you have been neglected in the cosmic love category, and that is why I want you to enjoy the New Moon even more! Once Mercury goes direct – and he immediately gets in the throes of all the planets’ collective sh*t, and boy does he go through it fast! – and life will immediately take an up-swing! One week after Mercury has gained momentum and is speeding through the heavens, you will welcome the New Moon on the 18th in the same house. February will end with the realization of many dreams that miraculously come true!

Love you, dear Aries, till the end of time!

xoxo Adonis #starqueen

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