Aries Horoscopes January 2017

Dear Aries,

Happy New Year! Welcome to a year which starts with a renewed social identity and reputation. The person you are embraces others thanks to your wise intuition. Many insecurities are healed thanks to acceptance of life’s lessons in 2016. You can leverage your new surroundings to connect with others to make a recent dream come true, like the perfect job, salary, or home for a new year.


The communicator Mercury makes changes to the status quo of your life. Your standing and status in society is due an upgrade.  You are eager to establish your career, and pursue your passion like a profession. You were right in the thick of a Mercury Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations – as if there was no worst time! – and refertilizes the grounds of your professional growth.

When Mercury retrogrades, he physically goes backward in his orbit.  His celestial retrace occurs in your Palace of Career. Lately, work has been really hard work, especially if you have been looking for work. Mercury throws hissy fits in his retrogrades, because he is a staunch perfectionist. He already visited, and went Retrograde, in your Palace of Career in Jan 7th – 26th, 2016; so this is your second wild retro-ride professionally in one year. At that point in your life, your career was turning a critical point; equally for the status quo of your life. He inspired you to make changes to your life, which seemingly looked to shape into your dream life.  The status quo from the zip code, to lovers or spouses, job, educational pursuits and sought after promotions, had to be abandoned for better and more hopeful pastures.

It is a new year, and though you start with a less than ideal job situation with Mercury back in your Palace of Career retrograding, you have a whole year to work on it and make it ideal. Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury retraces so far back so as to enter the previous palace. Connections from the past may resurface just to stay in touch, or to get a letter of recommendation. You may go back to your true dreams from years ago, and realize it is either now or never.  If you are unemployed, lost, scared and frightened, it is because you are meant to begin with nothing. This is one of those times when having nothing, opens up everything.

For all the fear Mercury’s Retrograde can arouse, there is as much hope and optimism to be found. He helps you to start pasting the pieces back together, or heck, letting the past go and just spearheading with nothing but yourself. Jan 13th – Feb 7th, you have before you a professionally clean slate. Whatever you want to do is open to you, every option is an option. Choose to continue on your current field to become a master, doctor, or expert. Or, choose to start fresh and step on a whole new path; like, your dream career path.

Prior to the clean slate is Jan 9th, when the heavy reality sets in that no one but you can make your dream come true. Your independence is a cornerstone to your Aries identity. The icy cold teacher of wisdom, Saturn, emphasizes your authenticity at this time. Mercury tours so far back to your Palace of Purpose, Jan 5th – 12th, where Saturn is teaching you just how lonely life can feel; and strong you can be. If your dream job requires you to walk a path unknown or deemed the wrong choice by those closest to you, who cares? That dream job is waiting for you, not them. 

The type of work you dream of doing will not just fall on your lap. Your goals and dreams from years ago were going to fail if you continuously neglected them. Mercury’s hissy fits in your Palace of Career are a response to your frustrated authenticity and the work you have to put in, in order to do the work you authentically desire. By Feb 7th, Mercury leaves you optimistic, driven, definite, and found. Your dream job awaits!


The Sun begins your year by focusing it on your Palace of Career, as well. He shines bright on your skill set and talents.  Their use is needed by people who may be looking just for you.  On Jan 21st, the Sun makes sure you shine at an event to get your face and name known.  As Mercury administers important changes to your career development (a perfect time to update your resume!), the Sun alights your road to success.  He understands you are eager to move onto the next level in life, but he also wants to see his little Ram live a life of passion and satisfaction. On Jan 22nd, the Sun shines rays of towards opportunities to expand your life socially and profession as he enters your Palace of Community.  Gain new followers, fans, friends and fellow peers in your field to add more prestige to your reputation. He sets your social life aflame, as you believe in your status and level of accomplishment. You can climb the corporate ladder, gain membership to an elite club, change your title through marriage, or divorce, and trust in your personal identity.  Social barriers are torn down and turn around, as you embrace elements of yourself, which may be deemed taboo by others. On earth, the closest thing to heaven is love, which at its core is: vulnerable, scary, exhilarating, thrilling and undeniably renders life more real.  You are stronger in your sense of self and carry your authentic being with ease into networking events. By Feb 18th, a social circle will feel the breath of newness and fills you with a great sense of social esteem. The person you were in 2016 is but a glimmer of the beacon you become in 2017.


Your girl, Venus, has had your back as you explore like a social butterfly.  The ever divine goddess of beauty harmonizes your social identity with your inner self. She upticks your charm and you are confident in being an irresistible catch.  She wants to open the world to you, and you to the world. You have a beautiful life to build, which Venus supports in finding the right setting, group, or corporation to which you belong.  The perfect place to call home depends on the community, which you are growing to love. 

After spicing up your network to make your new settings more at home, Venus wants to do inner work. On Jan 5th, she enters your Palace of Intuition, and builds upon the confidence from your new settings. She is going to get personal as she delves and figures out what makes you a fiery independent Aries. 

In your Palace of Intuition, your inner world reigns free without inhibitions.  Venus is going to bring to the surface deep-seated truths about your real history.  She reveals the links to certain past traumas that made you build certain walls, focus on some strengths over others, and why you love the way you do.

In her quest to understand how you survived life, you start to see yourself as a survivor. You survived the past, overcame the ugly, conquered challenges, and remained capable of true love.  Deep down within all the layers of protection is a soft Aries.

Throughout much of her transit in your inner world, Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god war. As she finds the perfect workplace or new circumstances in which to prosper, Mars instills you with confidence and command.  With Mercury making changes to your career, Venus and Mars will help beautify and strengthen your skills, talents and goals.  They help you forget the petty issues and focus on what is vital. Venus helps you stitch closed once and for all old and current wounds. By Feb 3rd, you will have outgrown so much insecurity, especially in love.  Venus helps heal and empower your true self by reflecting it in your persona and reputation.


Mars is tearing down many walls of insecurity.  As you re-establish your career hopes and adjust to new social circles and settings, you get close to the real you. Mars tears down these walls so you can shine forth the inner you. On Jan 28th, you let go of your past self and on the following day, Jan 29th, the real you comes forth.  Mars enters your Palace of Ego, the palace in your reign where the basic elements of you are housed.  He is your fueling station  as you start to chase your dream job or career. He energizes your drive to satisfy your hunger for fulfillment at work. Again, Saturn exerts his lessons to make you live your purpose, to which Mars adheres. Come February, the month of love, Mars gives you a whole new purpose of self to truly love. Best of all, you are filled with fierce determination to make your dream life come true.  He will set you up for your brithday, having fueled your drive to improve your life.  The focus of your mind, heart and soul become one to align you to your inner truth and ultimate purpose.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows through your ego, but ebbs in your energy.  She sees your birthday is just around the corner (hard to believe, aint it!) and she is gearing up for it.  She stops by in your Palace of Ego as a Waxing Crescent on Jan 5th. Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on that day, as previously mentioned, compounding the personal significance of this crescent. Mars will soon visit, as well, suggesting Jan. 5th is a major foreshadowing of things to come.  Specifically, the growth of a new personal identity, which breaks from what people already know about you.  Keep a close eye on your inner emotions on this date, and whatever triggers loss of breath, pain in the gut, sweaty palms, or rapid breathing is a sign of what is to come.  As this is a Waxing Crescent, the Moon is just beginning a flow of a new (and improved) stream of self-consciousness.

As the crescent progresses into a Full Moon on Jan. 13th, home becomes the central focus. Given the volatility of the month, I feel remiss in being blindly optimistic. I want to prepare you to feel ready to take on life, so as opposed to a helpless victim, life is under your control as a survivor.  Your home may feel under attack, threatened or in disarray. However, you are not powerless and the emblem of Aries is fiery independence. “Home” is up to you to define for yourself, which this moon helps define. Jupiter is in a perfect trine to the Full Moon, a link that defines home with good luck. Jupiter may reveal himself as a person of clout and respect, whose help adds sweetness to your home. Jupiter can also be your way out of a bad or toxic home, someone ordinary who says the right thing to get a move on. You may even sign the lease or mortgage to your new apartment, condo, home or second home. In a time of re-establishing your self, the Full Moon plants new home-roots.

Reserves in money and energy will feel depleted upon the Waning Crescent of Jan 19th. No one ever said re-establishing oneself was cheap on the soul or wallet.  You may be caught between the urgent need to survive and the extreme fatigue of having chugged along all this way.  Your steady flame of Aries keeps you in pursuit of your end goal despite fatigue and stress.  The Moon here is bringing an end to the last remnants of an old sexual lifestyle and inheritance.  Whether your money is inherited from your parents or stashed away in a savings earned from past work, your future financial success will come from a totally new source. Your sexuality, as well, breaks from the old way of seducing, pleasing, and seeking satisfaction in sex.  The Moon awakens you to the sexual and financial extent of your power to fulfill your needs and wants.  You are opening your eyes to the fact that you want more, but the current situation cannot please you because it has given all it has.

Bust down the doors and breakthrough into the world as the new, improved, updated and better you on the New Moon of Jan. 29th.  When the Moon gets naked and sheds herself of all her light, she goes silent into the night.  You cannot find her, because she is too good to keep cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up.  The Moon takes you by the hand and walks you through your social Palace of Community, except it ain’t no walk but a strut, and the Palace ain’t no community, but a club.  Others are awaiting you to join in their company, and why would you hold back when they want what you got?  You got the goods, in name, skills, and confidence, and now it is time to connect and network.

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new you! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis 

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