Aries September 2015

Dearest Aries,

Your heart keeps beating true, my friend.  Your chart reveals a major shift occurring around the areas that rule your true self-expression and your wellbeing.  Life-changing Solar AND Lunar Eclipses are totally redefining your life this month.
September is harmonized by the conjunction of Venus and Mars on 9/1.  The month begins fine-tuned by this love couple’s musings to an octave higher in your fifth house of true love.  Romance rings its bells, resonating with fun and joy, spicing up your dating life.
Be sure to be out and about.  A cluster of four planets in your sixth house of wellbeing brings energy to your health.  Get yourself checked up and at the dentist, or even a nutritionist to create a new diet.  Your routine is the basic component to your wellbeing as it is a reflection of your ability and efficiency to meet life’s demands.
Ruled by the order-loving sign of Virgo for you, you’re becoming aware of the benefits of a nice and steady routine.  The Sun nurtures your love for routine by opening opportunities that naturally bring more structure.  Your will is empowered by Mars as his gifts for strategic war-play help you strategize your routine for optimum efficiency. You will be able to make great progress, especially with Jupiter’s powers of expansion, but I suggest you act quickly. Jupiter will go retrograde and rather than expand he may pose limits from Jan ’16-May ’16. You can make the greatest strides now under the current skies as you will see clearly your true needs, down to the very T.
If you don’t know what they are the Solar Eclipse of 9/13 will make you know.  The Sun is representative of your ego and self-identity, as the moon signifies the state of your emotions. Both will meet at 20° Virgo, the degree at which a portal will be opened to you.  This portal may lead you to something totally unexpected like a new job, a new workout, a new healthier diet, and/or all o’ da above!  Let the Universe cradle your heart and relax your emotion, as it wants you to feel fully self-expressed in your every action. Life takes on new meaning, revealing your higher calling and encouraging your pursuit of it. This will be revealed to you by 9/24 when the Sun enters your seventh house of long-term partnerships.
The Sun joins Mercury the god of logic in your seventh house, where a lot will take place from 9/18-10/10. You may be thinking of drawing up long-term contracts in marriage or business, but Mercury will be in retrograde for 19 days. He will be throwing you in for a whirlwind of confusion at the negotiation table, but speak true to your mind. Use Mercury’s expertise in dialog and communication to craft your terms and make them juicy, with all the promise of your true potential. An independent spear-header like yourself will have a lot to win if the cards are played honestly, integrally, and authentic. Your terms of engagement may need to be compromised at times, but that is the nature of negotiations. Just stay true to your heart.
Do not allow your life to get too distracted by business or love, though. Scrutiny will be placed heavily upon ninth house of higher ideals and education as Saturn, the god of wisdom, makes a revolutionary entrance to stay from 9/18/15-12/21/17. Saturn’s approach to you is as a master to an apprentice, showing you the rewards for your hard work, but making achievements come at great costs. Your ideals are worth every ounce of sweat and tears, trust you are being fashioned for the attainment of your higher callings and aspirations. Only masters can wield the true powers of their craft, so learn, my Aries friend, be the master.
Your personality will be fully stimulated on the Lunar Eclipse in your first house of self-identity on 9/27. This is especially powerful as it is a Red Moon, a celestial rarity that casts a shade over your purpose in life. The life you walk on Earth is being dramatically revealed to you, mostly because of your strong urges for independence spurred by the powers of Uranus. Uranus holds hands with this Moon making this a significant passage towards your true independence of spirit, making you aware of how little the opinions of others have on your soul. Your soul does not need validation and don’t waste your time validating it. Confidence is knowing everything will be okay even if other’s don’t like you.
I love you, dear Aries, but above all love yourself.


Star Queen

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