Cancer February 2015

My dear Cancer,

The Universe is a grand place of endless cosmic layers of being, from galaxies to planets to people to even our dogs and cats. The one universal trait unifying each of us is our basic right to choose according to our free will. For the past three years, it certainly did not seem so to you. You have housed Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac and the god of wisdom in your fifth house of true love, fun and children. Your relationships with children, along with your approach to fun and the whirlwind passions of love are actual cornerstones to your life, dear Cancer. As a sign of the water element, you are powerful and cannot be controlled. Your freedom is an assertion of action, which is why you are fearless and dauntless in being the best provider for your family – your passion. Saturn has tested your abilities to handle all of the responsibility that comes with providing for your family, including their happiness and the fights with your children (or, psychologically speaking, with the pestering child in you that has had to grow up).

Saturn is stern in his deliverance of his lessons and the only tool he has to teach you at his disposal is life. You have the right to choose the life you want and the Universe wants you to live the life you love – since you only get this one, there are no re-dos. Through Saturn’s entrance in your fifth house of true love, children and innocence, there were experiences that quite literally rocked your world, highlighting in some instances your lack of maturity in these areas of your life. Saturn teaches you wisdom through gained experiences, not intellectual wisdom acquired through study, since wisdom only has reason when experience backs it. When Saturn transits through the fifth house, he begins by looking at you like you are a fool with your hands raised, having fun singing your lungs out to the sky approaching the edge of the cliff you don’t see – and Saturn is quite literally making you blind so he can push you over the edge. Many of you fell over the cliff and into a state of free fall. Free fall, and you learned to trust the Universe since even in the suspense of being in an existential free fall, she always carries you in her embrace. Your innocence in life runs deep in the highly creative power of your mind, dear Cancer, and, with innocence and creativity, illusions and fantasies can arise. Saturn stared down at these fantastical tales you told yourself of love, and how you could always win at fun no matter how questionable you went about having it, and if you have children (and yes, pets definitely do count as children), you experienced a lot of conflict and disturbance in your ability to relate to one another. Heartbreak has occurred to you in the past couple of years, my dear Cancer, as suddenly life’s heavy doses of reality made you grow and learn that certain defenses are needed to protect yourself from hurt. You have developed a practice of diplomacy underscored by grace and tact as you, at times, realized that your bitterness was directly resulting in your child’s loss of innocence, as rather than fun and the deeply creative you that you are deep in your heart you were controlled by the hard-shelled, stern disciplinarian, Saturn. Saturn has tested your ability to have fun through all of the tests of the past three years to shed your old skin, wrinkled from resentment, regret, hate, bitterness, alienations, and you are in a new state of wonderment about life. There is a newfound reality and through Saturn you have been transformed to see how to protect all the blessings of your life. You are living your ideal life, dear Cancer, it is right now and you are perfect as you are, and wiser now about how to be a provider for yourself and others while having fun and taking accountability.

Saturn’s lessons in the fifth house transform our most joyful relationships by nurturing wisdom that empowers and allows joy to grow in an environment that is safe and sound. From October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014, Saturn put the fantasies and illusions you have come to believe were true and demolished them. His lessons, though jarring to the core, have brought about a wiser you that is in love with reality of your life. You are not a victim, dear Gemini, of anything. You are a soul voyaging through the cosmos in the vessel of your human body encountering celestial bumps, detours and blockages along your way. Saturn has scrutinized your willpower and ability to overcome these bumps, and as you progressed, you learned the lessons he meant for you in order to gain the wisdom you need to continue forth on your celestial journey. The lesson of the fifth house as Saturn transits through it: let go and be open all at once. Saturn has totally cleansed your sight and your soul, empowering you to let go of the bitterness that has festered from years of accumulated heartbreak, and you learned how joy is wisdom in practice.

These lessons will come in handy as from December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017, you will house Saturn in your sixth house of daily habits and work. You have had your share of tests and obstacles with love and family, and now they will turn to your daily routines. Dear Cancer, I would love to provide cushion for some of life’s blows that are headed their way by giving you caution of stormy skies ahead. As above, so below, and the actions of planets in certain constellations in the sky will spark many obstacles, tests, and lessons here on Earth below. For you, my dear friend, your life will be consumed by inordinate amounts of stress at work. Saturn is touring your sixth house of daily habits and routine. Your everyday job falls under this house, along with your daily hygienic habits, your eating habits and your exercise habits. The next three years will quite literally be physically transformational years for you and your life.

I love all of my dear Cancers, for they are sensitive and fragile. Cancer is the hard shelled crab with the soft interior. The delicacy of the meat is emphasized by the fact that an exoskeleton houses the heart, the soul, the essence. Saturn weighs heavily on the body during this phase, lasting from December 23, 2015 to December 19, 2017. Cancer is sensitive about his family because Cancer understands better than the rest of the signs the fundamental need for the family because it is the basic unit of human civilization. The crab in the wild burrows itself inside delicate sand holes. The crab is fierce and splendid in armor, a warrior of war in perfect form, whose grace comes from the fluidity of the indomitable flow of water. You adopt these qualities in the protection of your domain and everyone in it.

Saturn is at 3° Sagittarius, a placement of great celestial unrest as Saturn, the stern teacher, will bear down his hot tempered tests with the fire of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a philosophical sign, and the ruler of your house of daily habits. You are naturally a philosophical being, and as Saturn scrutinizes your life, he will make you accountable of every single tick-tocking second of your life to make you aware of how much time you are wasting. You will understand the schedule you need that best empowers you to take full advantage of every moment of your life.

You will learn with greater detail of the passion of your life. From the second you awake in the morning until you lay your head to rest, Saturn will be walking right by you. The endless options of life will present themselves in all their glory, and Saturn will urge you to choose the best for yourself. Your daily habits will be questioned, and you will confront your addictions head on. These are not just drug addictions, but even exercise habits that no longer help sustain your long term health goals, and transform into a new exercise regiment that is lighter on the joints, or gaining muscle to get shredded for the body building competition. Any new habits you would love to begin, like a new exercise regimen, or a new diet that supports preventative self-care are highly favored over the course of this transit lasting three years. Your hobbies will be questioned as Saturn demands that you focus more on your passion, and if you are serious about your hobbies then make them your passion. Saturn is gearing you to a greater you that is taking the weight of your life literally upon you shoulders, and allowing you to get rid of the weight of the things that no longer matter. Your ego will be questioned as a consequence of so much confrontation with your own daily habits, and that is great because through the experience of seeing the direct consequences of your day to day actions get manifested, you are humbled. You realize you did not know any better than the fact that you chose the life you are living. Saturn is asking you to take accountability for the day to day actions of your life. At the end of the transit on December 19, 2017, you will feel empowered as you learn the pursuit of your happiness by practicing your passion becomes possible. Saturn will bring about the opportunities for you to learn more about your passion as a craft or skill that can be developed through measurable time tables. You can grow in so many great ways that empower you as a skilled professional in a craft that you are passionate about. Now is the time to be curious about your passion and really make living your ideal life possible by aligning your actions to the fulfillment of a clear purpose. You will be living a life that everyday feels fulfilled as everyday is a practice in the wise use of your time on Earth as the person you are.

February begins with the Sun illuminating your eighth house of rebirth and the transformation of your soul. Until Wednesday, February 18th, the Sun, the celestial source of the light and breath of life, is expanding the horizons of your consciousness. During this transit, your mind will broaden, as it sheds its skin from the past. The eighth house, ruled by air sign Aquarius for you, encourages you to think about the future as you begin to let go of unnecessary perspectives, habits, routines and ways of thinking, to reinvigorate your curiosity and wonderment of life. Your dreams will be very precise in detail during this phase, as your subconscious itself will be rewiring its internal framework, procuring a wholly transformed vibration from deep within. Your dreams may be prophetic, allowing you to resolve issues by projecting real-life plot lines onto your subconscious. Your intuition will be on point this month and you will enjoy a state of trust from deep within your soul.

There is great news to share with you in that Mercury is in retrograde. This poor little guy has a lot on his plate and he gets a lot of grief, but if you only knew how much he has to handle! He is the personal assistant to the stars – literally! Like Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, all of the planets, including the Sun! And these are no Hollywood stars, these are the stars that made #diva a hashtag to begin with. So no wonder this little guy gets to go on vacation a couple of times a year. He has to sort through the celestial baggage of these big planets that otherwise can’t take care of themselves without him #needymuch.

As Mercury goes back in his orbit in Aquarius in your house of rebirth, he is allowing your ego to reflect on the past year of your life. You are able to heal the blows to your ego as Mercury provides the intellectual power to redefine yourself for the upcoming year. You have a lot to look forward to for your future, and now is the time when your ego can flourish anew. On Wednesday, February 11 Mercury will stop going retrograde and begin moving directly forward, a time when you will finally feel a great sense of relief as intuitively you will feel your surroundings respond to the transformation of your inner energy as it powerfully radiates from your subconscious, bringing about a wholly reborn sense of being inside and outside.

Exactly one week after Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, February 18, the Moon, the goddess of compassion and our greatest friend and ally in the skies, sheds her cloak and goes bare as dark as the mysterious void of the night to open an entirely new door! It is the Moon, the scribe of your emotional life and the flow of water as her rays ebb and flow with the movement of water from the tides to our bodies, who gives her soul to you as much as you do to her. She understands like no other being everything you have ever experienced as if she were the one who experienced them. She will bless you the rebirthing of your self alongside you, as on that night she will blend into the night sky to be unseen, and re-emerge fully transformed with you.

Venus, the goddess of love and peace graces your ninth house of philosophy and mental exploration. As you delve into the essence of your ego with the Sun illuminating your subconscious, Venus will grace your journey into the deepest reaches of your mind with a clear heart and sincere motives. You will be in tune with the motives and intentions of others as your mind will bring a lot of clarity to the actions and consequences of others.

Who better to accompany Venus as she allows you to delve deep into the moral issues of right and wrong, and how you deal mentally with the reality, than Mars, her celestial lover. Mars is the god of action and war. He is the reserve of infinite will power and determination, charging your mental energy reserves to drive your soul through this time of great spiritual regeneration, dear Cancer. The celestial interplay of the white forces of peace by Venus and the red forces of war by Mars, created a harmonious flow of energy moving through all levels of your mental well being from your ego and subconscious to your id. There is great mental clarity and you will not waver in your redefinition of your sense of self.

Your month of love begins with a sweet-like-honey Full Moon on Tuesday, February 3rd in your second house of earned income. On this night the Full Moon is unlocking all of the benefits of the second house of money, which is great news to the ears of every Cancer! Jupiter, your celestial body guard and god of good fortune, has been touring this same house of money since June 2014 to continue well until June/July 2015. During this transit, Jupiter, with all of his beneficence of generosity of gifts, is revitalizing the streams of income that you rely on for your day to day life. As he does so, he is clearing away all of the clutter that is congesting the pipelines, and so some sources of income will be lost as they ultimately run their purpose, and new opportunities will come precisely because of the Full Moon! You have been awaiting for this moon for quite sometime and now is the time to release your tears of fulfillment and catharsis, as money will begin to flow once again, and with a lot more consistency and frequency!

The month of love, dear Cancer, is about a return back to loving the essence of you. Rediscover your power now, dear Cancer, for the Universe wants you to be happy and the stars are aligned to make sure your subconscious you is emanating the energy that most precisely reflects your true you. February 2015 for Cancer is the month of love of self. So love yourself, pursue your passion, provide for your family, and become the mature you that remembers, even at old age, you remain a child at heart.

Love you till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis

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