Cancer Horoscope January 2017

Dear Cancer,

Happy New Year! Welcome to a renewed commitment to self and significant others.  You are more aware of your personal value, skill set and future worth.  Thus, I encourage you to list your terms and conditions to stand for your end of the bargain.  Sign any contracts presented to you with spiritual and financial faith for their prosperity.  In 2016, the fundamental elements of your life changed to expand your sights: in love, money, work, collaboration, and home life. Your innate Cancer waters will flow free in 2017 to fertilize these changes into abundant fields of stability and security.


The administrator Mercury visits your Palace of Commitment with a transformative force of change.  Mercury went Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations – as if there were no worst time! – and retraced the foundations of your most important relationships. Revelations from the turmoil will equip you to raise your closest ties in a state of truth.

The tilled soils in your relationships allow you to build new promises of commitment.  When Mercury retrogrades, he physically goes backward in his orbit in your Palace of Commitment.  As he tills, he unearths outstanding topics in your romantic relationships: with money, sex, trust, the past, today, and the future.  You may professionally see a pathway towards a long lasting business partnership. Your unique set of qualities and skills may be the perfect fit for a business.  Alliances in love and business will be fostered on mutual respect and desire.  They will fit the bill as much as you will theirs, which will secure the bond for many years to come.  A relationship may unravel or have the promise of brighter days. Either way, changes Mercury unearths will help you choose the right seeds to plant for your future happiness in relationships.

The Palace of Commitment reigns over your promises to others.  These promises help you grow by engaging you with heart, mind and soul.  Many of your best attributes shine through with the help of others, who inspire you with their love, loyalty and faith.  You have a grand opportunity to establish a strong support system in love (with your significant other), and in business with a new business venture.  You are more in tune with your needs in wants in relationships, especially in honesty, cheating, lies and deception.  Recently, the very motives behind deceptive actions tested your very belief relationships can be grounded upon solid truth and honesty.  You may feel disheartened by crumbling relationships around you, or your relationship itself may have suffered deception.  Mercury Retrograde helps to reset the grounds by exposing the very genuine state of being of each individual.  You will know where, what, when, why and how your relationship stand as two separate agents forming a bond.  The task of re-making or breaking a relationship will push you to use more logic than emotion.  Emotions can skew your thinking towards pulse-changing-choices. Logic allows you to see the situation with “response-ability;” your ability to respond beneficially to the situation at hand.  Mercury’s force of change arouses your water element to a tsunami. This tsunami roars from your deep inner depths to the surface to totally revolutionize your relationships.  The hidden blessing of Mercury Retrograde is re-establishing power in your hands. To re-make or break?  Regardless of your response, your ability for powerful relationships will deepen.

Mercury in December threw hissy fits in his retrograde because he is a staunch perfectionist. He already visited, and went Retrograde, in your Palace of Commitment, Jan 7th – 16th, 2016; so this is your second wild ride in your search for a long-term partner in romance or business, or both. At that point in your life, you felt incapable of handling any role in love or work. Over time, you realize true power to make promises to others.  Last year, versus today, money and gifts were enough to satiate your desire for attention.  However, time and energy spent together to create once-in-a-lifetime memories came to mean more.  You craved attention and a genuine desire to be with you, on adventures or in bed. 

It is a new year, and though you may start with a less than ideal situation with Mercury Retrograde in your Palace of Commitment, you have a whole new year to set your path straight (or gay, just be free and happy!), and make it ideal! Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury goes so far back so as to recede into the previous Palace, but alas, he indicates the current way of life must change in order for the new seedlings of commitment to sprout. The relationship you form in love or business requires a fundamental change to your daily routine.  This is a welcome routine change, as you are eager to delve deep, perhaps, “Till death do us part.”  Mercury allows the perfect job with the perfect pay to help support the perfect relationship to live the perfect life.  As 2016 proved, imperfection precedes perfection, thus perfection is not perfect since it is derived from imperfection.  2017 harmonizes the scales, so there is less tilling of your soils, and simply just more pleasant gardening.  Look to Jan 9th when Mercury stops his retrograde and goes direct.  Your soils are fertilized on this day with the start of your new daily routine.

Mercury builds upon the force of your tsunami of change, when he moves back into your Palace of Commitment.  You get to start from the ground up, which may sound like a lot of work. However, you are ready to give your all for the growth of your relationship and ideal life.  The basic fundamental blocks for your dream life are at hand.  The light of hope peaks at the end of the retrograde tunnel Jan 13th – Feb 7th.  Your spiritual acuity is precise as you feel your worth, skills, values and virtues respected and given back mutually.

Your economic power increases under the Palace of Commitment.  Your riches and wealth get invested in others, and you are invested in through insurance, 401(k), vacation time; certain perks and awards gain your trust for the business alliance you are forming.  By Feb 7th, Mercury sets you on a path that promotes growth in wealth and love.  Wedding bells (and/or professional celebrations) resonate in your 2017.


The Sun showers glorious rays upon your Palace of Commitment, Dec 22nd – Jan 21st.  Your close-knit ties with others are highlighted all month.  The Sun will shed light upon the truths and insights to be gained from the revelations Mercury unearths.  As Mercury administers important changes in your terms of conditions, the Sun lights the right direction to proceed. He understands you are eager to tie the knot, but he also wants to see his precious little Crab live a life of peaceful zen in his sand burrow on the beach of life.  He wants your partner (whether the diplomatic Libra, the intellectual Gemini, the wordsmith Taurus, or the reliable Sagittarius), to help in the construction of your ideal life; as opposed to its deconstruction.  On Jan 21st, you can confidently re-make or break that important relationship. New or tried and true relationships are highly favored.  On the following day, Jan 22nd, the power of your water element is revealed.  The Sun enters your Palace of Energy Jan 22nd – Feb 18th, a phase of hard work and sweet pleasure.  The harder you work, the more pleasureful life; the sun rays will drip like sweet honey from a tree you will climb hard to reach.  By Feb 8th, on Mercury’s last day in your Palace of Commitment, you and your love (or professional alliance) will experience an orgasmic rebirth.  In bed or wallet or both, you will give you a little unforgettable pleasure.


Your girl Venus scintillates your bed and wallet as she tours your Palace of Energy, Dec 8th – Jan 4th. Whom better to excite this palace than the goddess of beauty and love? She seeks to beautify the changes that Mercury unearths, by giving you security in money and pleasure in sex.  She allows you to keep developing your closest relationships through sexual exploration and satisfaction.  She also uplifts your confidence to pursue the type of pay and job that will give you the security and stability you desire. By Jan 4th, you step into a stronger sense of trust in your state of affairs in bedroom and bank.  She helps you secure a financial and sexual stream of satisfaction as she enters your Palace of Purpose, Jan 5th – Feb 4th.  Your search for truth and meaning in life will be enabled by Venus.  She gives you hope in your current path in life, as you create a life of meaning.  The meaning you desire in life comes from active sweat and heartfelt dedication.  Sex and money definitely help, and Venus ensures your pursuit of happiness lacks neither. By Feb 4th, you will be ready to continue this streak of confidence and growth into your dream palace.  Venus will be sure the right VIPs and higher ups reward your efforts.


Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god war.  She will allow you to secure your chances at success in the new ventures Mars forges. He incites a crusade of purpose to help Venus in her hopes of establishing your pursuit of happiness.  He tours your Palace of Purpose, Dec 20th – Jan 28th, and wholly destroys the bridges to toxicity.  He don’t want his comrade Crab in hardened shell armor to get weak.  Hell no! He catapults you into the right field of interest, profession and development so you fearlessly live out your life.  On Jan 28th, he delivers a fundamental truth about your life which empowers you to feel strong and act in your favor. When he enters your Palace of Career, Jan 28th – Mar 9th, he further energizes you to get it while your game is good. He is the god of active determination and he fuels your drive to reach your goals.  List out your goals so you are ready to pay for the mortgage, a down payment, a car, a wedding ring, a honey moon, or even a prestigious title through intellectual grinds for a doctorate, law degree, etc. There is greater indication the relationship in your life will lead to marriage as your Palace of Career covers all titles of society, including marriage titles. (The reverse is true, too, if you desire a divorce.)  As Saturn pressures you to improve your wellbeing with a better diet, exercise and habits, you realize the great power of control you have over your life.  Saturn opens your eyes with his intense scrutiny to your power over the state of your life down to the smallest details. Come February, the month of love, Mars and Saturn elevate your state in life with an improved status quo.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows in your career, and ebbs in your enjoyment. As you reclaim your power of self in society, the Moon makes an aspirational visit to your Palace of Career.  Jan 5th, she excites your heart with a cherished reward in money and work.  She initiates a trend of continued professional and monetary prosperity.  You may feel tempted to splurge, but save most of your pennies now – if only to satiate your inner budget-conscious Crab. Joyful Jupiter infuses upgrades to your home to spruce up and celebrate your own success.  He encourages you to pamper yourself with home comforts with your professional riches. Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on that day, as previously mentioned, compounding your feeling of progress and accomplishment. Mars will soon visit, as well, suggesting Jan 5th is a major foreshadowing of the perfect life to come.  Specifically, the power you gain is in self-esteem as the measure of your worth increases with daily efforts to progress.  Keep a close eye on your career on this date, and whatever triggers fear, joy, pain in the gut, sweaty palms or rapid breathing is a sign of what to expect. Hopefully, with this horoscope you are inspired confidence to make the best of whatever life throws. This Waxing Crescent is the start of a new state in life, with less self-doubt, and more self-regard.

The crescent dons her celestial dress of light on Jan 13th as the Full Moon, to infuse your newfound self-regard into your ego.  She illuminates your Palace of Ego and under her twinkling truth, you see the true blessing of your authentic self.  So many of the Zodiac’s Crabs go through life afraid they are not loved or valued for whom they are in truth.  A tragedy, yes. Even worse, I contest, is never feeling loved or valued by their own self. After traversing an explorative 2016 which saw you grow as if a spiritual growth-spurt overtook you, in 2017 you get to reap many of the rewards from your dedicated efforts. Jupiter is in a perfect trine to this Moon, opening a clear pathway to home improvements. All the hopes you have for an improved home setting, bedroom, kitchen, lease or apartment are closer than you ever thought possible. A lot of insecurity will clearly wash away before you to leave you purged and ready to receive new riches.

Romance will to take a back seat in your love life as your relationship takes on new responsibilities.  The Full Moon recedes into a Waning Crescent to help you take the next step toward enjoyment.  This is a dream-filled crescent thanks to its placement close to home.  This is a night to feel the joy of your life and its many blessings.  There is a lot in life which cannot be controlled, however, on Jan 19th, your Palace of Enjoyment, right on the cusp of your Palace of Home. Here, the Moon brings a wonderful harmony to your home and love-life. Break the ice and introduce yourself to your crush; pop the question and ask for the promise of forever; bring out the comfort foods and Netflix n’ chill with your true love; or skip away on beautiful honeymoon.

The first month of the your 2017 year ends with an official rebirth.  The New Moon of Jan 29th concludes with securely situating you in the road to success.  She visits your Palace of Energy, which rules over your sexual and financial energy.  You are completely revitalized and this New Moon makes your new self-identity official.  When the Moon gets naked and sheds herself of her light, she goes silent into the night.  You cannot see her, because she is too good to keep cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up.  This Moon takes you by the hand so you walk confidently in tune with your sexual and financial allure.  After a year of seeing your worth for its true greatness you are ready to reclaim your power. As you focus your energy on the details of your life, you see where life secures stability for you. Look to future investments to render great rewards and for life to feel simply orgasmic.

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis  

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