Cancer November 2016

Dear Cancer,

Promote your health with exercise, diet, employment and an improved sleep cycle.  The Sun brings his life-giving rays to your Palace of Wellbeing. You are more driven to pursue daily activities of fulfillment. He teaches you to hold back your appetite and spending for longterm health and security. Employing self-control comes after the Sun visited the palace responsible for romantic enjoyment.  Sexual indulgence is the chord strummed in your heart before infusing its energy into your job.  In November, a stroke of genius uncover your hidden passion for a skill which embarks you upon an unexpected journey from apprenticeship to masterhood.

An emotional peak in your social life takes place on the Full Moon of Nov 14th.  She lights your night skies to spotlight your individual persona.  You will find yourself in the public eye, and though you may want to hide behind a mask, show your authentic face.  Take each step with the moonlight showing the way through the darkness.  Her magical light exposes the shadows that lurk in the dark, so before doubt overcomes you, it dissolves in the moonlight of truth. Share your comments at under the Horoscopes link, click on your sign. Can I do anything for you to navigate this moon?

The Sun charges the Moon with sparks of romantic enjoyment.  Someone is bringing you along to a wonderful celebration upon this night.  There is art, creativity, music, fun, dancing, and splendid opportunities to network on Nov. 22nd.  You are elevated into a new social rung on the ladder of life and a romantic air of true love imbibes the air.  Watch November’s youtube video: ! Fall in love deeper with your true love; or fall in love at first sight; or declare your love publicly upon this night.  Easily replace the thought of “love” with a hobby; with having a child to bring new life into society; with your artistic fulfillment; or group membership.

Reborn is your whole identity by the revelations of the Full Moon.  Assured the rebirth energizes you forward into a better stage of life is the Waxing Half Moon.  The Moon whirls waves in your Cancerian ocean with a maelstrom force of change.  She kicks the chair from underneath you to get you on your feet, as you can no longer be a passing bystander in your own life.  The Moon is setting the stage for the revolutionary forces of life which will leave you feeling neither broken nor battered, but unbreakable and confident.

Forge your destiny like water into the earth confidently strong with Mars.  Water chisels earth like the veins of life’s secret elixir, as such is the warrior confidence Mars imbues into you.  On Nov 10th, you rise to the occasion as your energetic reserves call you to their defense. Managing your precious physical, psychological and spiritual energy becomes crucial in the face of life’s tsunamis.  Connections to some get stronger, while Mars cuts those who waste your energy off the precious resource of you.  Confidently you invest your energetic money, time, even sexuality with growing singular focus. The people in whom – along with the stocks, insurances, homes, and credit lines – you invest are concentrated with a more precise end goal.  Mars inspires you to see an end goal of Dec 19th, by which time your investments of energy will be established and cemented. 

Use the percolating rebirth of November to tap into a long-desired goal of education.  Look to the Waning Half Moon of Nov 21st to try again at getting into your dream job, school, or creative program. She seeks to expand your knowledge in an interest or topic of your choice.  You can seek to take a step, or find a door of opportunity half ajar, into an opportunity which you thought was closed to you back in September during Mercury retrograde.  If you were applying to an important job, school, institution, or program of your dreams but got frustrated by the response – now is your chance to re-try.

Mercury gives you incredible privilege to make great employment and health strides.  On Nov 13th, he enters one of his favorites parts of your chart: your Palace of Wellbeing.  He gets to wholly re-administer your day-to-day existence, and you will find yourself established in a totally different daily routine.  He sets up the powerful force of change intended just for you as five planets (including Mercury) gather in this Palace: the Sun and New Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus himself.

Conducting the orchestral force of change is Saturn, the icy stern teacher of wisdom.  He plays with musical intensity that rises stormy waves of passion.  There is a hint of suffering, as Saturn imparts his musical lessons in a wave of wisdom crashing in with a deafening sonic-boom. Want your star reads by me? Here’s your chance! Tweet me @starqueenadonis for the luck of the draw! The path towards self-improvement will challenge you as from the deepest depths the waves of wisdom are churning up anchors to the past. You are freed from insecurities that kept you from going after your dream job, dream body, dream skill, dream routine…dream life!

The loving grace of Venus buffers the scary scrutiny of Saturn as he seeks to uproot you of a life that drains you.  Venus empowers you to think of your natural skills and talents that set you apart from the competition.  On Nov 11th, you feel powerfully set up in attaining the best routine in life which helps accomplish goals of wellbeing.  She inspires you to think healthfully at the kitchen counter, and hygienically first thing and last thing in your day at the bathroom sink with toothbrush in hand.  She also helps you find security in your own skin, so if you want to improve your wellbeing, meditate then act on it.

After helping set up a successful routine for your daily life, on Nov 12th, Venus will strum the romantic and professional chords of your life.  She will help you further develop and nurture a growing partnership, one which will see a lot of growth from then until Feb, 2017.  The search for beauty motivates Venus to love. Creating happiness in others motivates, for example, my Star Queen youtube channel. What motivates you? Mercury will go retrograde in December, a phase of great tilling in the soils of your closest relationships.  The foundations of their groundings will be tilled and you will have the task of taking out the roots afflicting the formation of any relationship to make it stronger. Until then, Venus brings healthy exchange of give and take in your relationships, helping you to strengthening the strong ones now, to become superior relationships later.

A New Moon punctuates your rebirth in November with an accomplishment or breakthrough.  On Nov 30th, if you re-applied to your dream job you may hear back with a great offer. Did you know the New Moon in Sagittarius (half horse and man) balances our primal and  sophisticated urges? Do you agree?  You may get a kick that activates your health goals into high drive. You are being opened to the broadening of your physical world through the wonderful new opportunity or gig you landed. The very product of your true passions may come staring at you in the face on this night, inviting you to explore them deeper. You may choose on this night your field of interest, or be invited to explore your interest as an apprentice.  You are destined to become master of the field of interest chosen this night. Choose right (hint: there is no wrong!). Thank you for reading! What did you think? How I can I improve? Go to my Facebook page and share.

Love you till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis 

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