Capricorn February 2015

My dearest Capricorn,

Your soul will undergo a great spiritual transformation over the next couple of years, my friend. Saturn the task master planet of the Zodiac and god of wisdom tours your twelfth house of the subconscious, intuition and self healing from December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2015. Saturn’s intense scrutiny focuses with laser-like precision into your internal wellbeing. He will bring about obstacles that question the integrity of your inner self to your outer self. Ultimately he is asking you, are you living a lie? Is there a truth in you that is so obvious to everyone but you? Your subconscious will begin to speak a wonderful language of love, as the voice that was already and always talking to you since the time of your birth will speak louder. Suddenly your mouth will lip words that are tuned to a higher note of truth, whether you are ready to speak the truth or not. The intentions of others will reveal themselves to you as the power of your subconscious begins to reveal itself, because Saturn’s tests will force you to rely on no one else’s truth but your own. If you are unaware of what that truth in you is, after Saturn is done transiting your twelfth house of mental being you will stand with conviction in your truth. The value of integrity will mean more as you realize that when you say you will do something, others not only look forward to you doing it, but you are treated as if you are the savior of their world for doing it. When you fail to fulfill on your promises, Saturn will make you fee the weight of others’ sadness and disappointments. As a result of so much stress upon your most hidden caves of your mental world, there will be moments where your secrets cave in and you are forced to reveal to the world what you have kept hidden for so long. A more authentic you is being molded as Saturn’s tests shape your mental self to your spiritual and worldly self. Many of you will experience prophetic dreams as your inner mental self is so attuned to the outer world that your ability to foresee events through a logical cause-and-effect sequence is easy as breathing. You will naturally be more in touch with your current reality. The fires of the passionate sign of Sagittarius, the philosophical half man, half horse archer, is hosting the Saturn. They are both working through your mental landscape, literally, as your are of the earth element. When fire goes through Earth’s element, it is scorching it and burning the landscape to enrich the nutrients by purging you with the fires of rebirth, and through your natural nurturing quality, teaching you how to till your own lands. Saturn is endowing you with the wisdom of self sufficiency as the terrain of your mind shimmers with the splendor of newness and the only hands to till it are already at your disposal. Allow the next three years to come as they are. They will test your psyche as Saturn’s tests come with so much pressure upon your mental state that your thoughts, your dreams and your inner voice speak with so much power, you simply must take control. And control you will take. This is your mind, your mental wellbeing, and you will empower yourself with the tools and resources to make sure that your subconscious self is in alignment with your outer self, procuring a genuine purpose to your soul on Earth. Saturn wants you to live the life you love, and at times the only hindrance and obstacle is the misalignment of your inner voice and the voice you speak to the word with. The world is ready to see the true you deep inside of you, dear Capricorn, so shine your light, you deserve to be the true you inside of you.

The month of love comes with so many gifts for you, my dearly inspirational leader of the Zodiac, Capricorn. The Sun, the god of personality, ego and generosity is touring your second house of earned income governed by the innovative and forward-thinking sign, Aquarius. As the Sun, the source of the light and breath of life, is illuminating your second house of money and self worth until Wednesday, February 18. During this phase the Sun is illuminating your awareness around your sense of self-worth. For the past couple of weeks you have felt a great amount of activity in your source of stable income, since the Sun is allowing you to see the reality of your situation with money. The greatest blessing of Sun touring your second house of money is bringing a renewed sense of wellness that is highlighted by your attention to your own well being. You are aware to your needs and the reality that only you can satisfy them. With the Sun’s light, your path is clear before you, so stride with confidence, dear Capricorn.

February begins in the throws of Mercury being in retrograde, which means he is going backwards in his orbit around the Sun rather than forward, in the same second house of income where the Sun is shining. Mercury is the god of communication and the month of love begins in the throws of him going retrograde, as he stops moving forward and goes backward in the same house of communication with the Sun. Mercury, the poor little guy, has a lot on his small plate and he gets a lot of grief, but if you only knew how much he has to handle! He is the personal assistant to the stars – literally! Like Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, all of the planets, including the Sun! And these are no Hollywood stars, these are the stars that made #stardiva a hashtag to begin with. So no wonder this little guy gets to go on vacation a couple of times a year. He has to sort through the celestial baggage of these big planets that otherwise can’t take care of themselves without him the rest of the time #needymuch. As Mercury’s orbit travels backwards in your house of money, certain payments may feel like they are lagging, and even your self-worth as a spiritual being may feel low as money shows itself as something linked to your self-esteem. As a Capricorn, you are enticed by the power of money, as you are naturally a great manager from birth. Leadership is in the genetic makeup of the Capricorn, so at the moment there may be calls for you to take leadership, however, with Mercury going retrograde you are barraged by the weight of how much you must take upon your small plate. Mercury, as the god of communication endowed with winged shoes, is a master administrator and organizer, and with his backward’s motion in your second house of money and self-esteem, there has been so much activity, you are wondering if the stress will end. It is ending on Wednesday, February 11th when Mercury goes direct after gone so far back, he is at the beginning earliest degrees of Aquarius. On this day he stops going retrograde and goes forward, bringing much relief to you and you learn that life’s tests, though painful and long, make you stronger, and aware of your emotional relationship with money, gearing you towards a wiser and conservative treatment of money. Aquarius is the innovative and forward thinking sign of the Zodiac, bringing clarity to your financial future and allowing you to make structured plans for your financial growth and development. This is a great time to speak with an advisor, especially since it is tax season and there may be credits, or payoffs that you can take advantage but are unaware of. Explore the possibilities, dear Capricorn, and looking back you will be grateful that you underwent such extreme tests to your patience with money and your emotional links to it, allowing you to build an intentionally well-founded financial plan for now and the long-term.

A wonderful sweet-like-honey New Moon will arrive on Wednesday, February 18th, one full week after Mercury is in full swing motion, clearing up with finesse all the disorder he must now bring order to. In fact, he does so because he is in love with the Moon. She is the celestial universal best friend of every being whose life falls under the governance of the Zodiac. She is the goddess of compassion, rebirth, mercy and empathy, and the scribe of our emotional lives, who sheds so many tears as she hears of our sufferings that she makes us believe it was she and not us who suffered – such is the grandness of the Moon’s powers for empathy. Now can you see why Mercury is so in love with her? Who else can understand taking the weight of everyone’s chaos when he goes retrograde, and the anger and cruelty he is subjected to, as all of his blessings and gifts go overlooked and pushed aside because it is so easy to feel entitled to the ease of life Mercury creates and then criticize him for taking rest and going on vacation. No one else but the Moon gives him respite, and he is making sure that your second house of money is put in order for the Moon’s arrival. Mercury will host the Moon in your second house of money, allowing them to peer into your soul and reward you for all of the tests you overcame and the wisdom you gained. You will feel more optimistic about your earning potential, dear Capricorn, as Mercury dances with the Moon, bringing a night of so much clarity, and providing for you a clean slate upon which to develop your financial future. On the 18th you will feel a whole new door open to you in your financial wellbeing, dear Capricorn. You can go ahead and take a deep breath now J.

Your third house of communication is being graced by Venus, the goddess of love, pleasure and indulgence until Friday, February 20th. It is in the third house of communication where the integrity of your words and the motivations behind them are explored. Venus inspires an element of romance and a flair for poetic words, dear Capricorn, as Venus loves the quality of wonderfully woven prose, and the artistry of cinematic epics. Your self-expression will be blessed with charm, making you irresistible and easy to take at face value. The white forces of peace from Venus make you pleasant company as your story telling abilities keep everyone at attention, and you will simply be the voice of authority.

The red forces of war from Mars are the perfect cohabitation for the white forces of peace from Venus in the same third house of communication. Mars is the god of willpower, action, and determination, and brings his regimented schedule as the soldier of the Zodiac to your self-expression until Thursday, February 19th. Your words will be used with great power as Mars excites your ego’s convictions, allowing you to speak with gravitas. You will excel in communication, as you are capable of finding all of the right words, as you speak efficiently and eloquently to your purpose. As if that were not enough heavenly blessings empowering your ability to speak your mind, Neptune, the god of inspiration and dreams, will be closely by. Neptune is hovering for a coupe of years here in your thirds house of communication, illuminating your speech with so much romance, poetry and allure, you are simply too charming to turn away. As Neptune is also the god of dreams, he brings with him the fog of which dreams are made of. When he is hosting the celestial perfect couple of the Zodiac – the goddess of love Venus and the god of war Mars – he makes the dance floor dazzle in magical splendor. Your words will be so powerful all through the month of February that you literally manifest a long awaited dream come true! Soak up all of this great energy coming to you from the skies, dear Capricorn, for your life has had some bumps as you go through one of the most soulfully transformative years of your life, and this month it is all about mental clarity, focus and direction.

The delicious news does not end there, dear Capricorn, as the month of love began with a glorious Full Moon in your eighth house of rebirth. The month begins on a note of self-actualization, where an important secret is exposed. In the dark mysterious void of the night lurk countless secrets and on Tuesday, February 3rd, the Moon dawned her glorious robe of light to bring something hidden to your awareness. This could have been an Earth-shattering secret that tests your identity because something close to your identity, like a job, a lover, a friend, or even news from distant relatives, reveals the truth that not everything is as it seems. Jupiter, your body guard and god of good fortune and abundance, is in this same house. He is looking through your soul and asking you to make room for all of his gifts by purging yourself of what you no longer need to carry in your soul. Surprisingly, this house also represents credit, so many of you are going through a total metamorphosis where you are shedding yourself of past living and spending habits, and restructuring your life. You have needed to await the arrival of the Full Moon on the 3rdto truly tap into all of the goods this house has to shower upon you! Your sense of self is going through such a great transformation from Jupiter’s tests and rewards that even your financial life are receiving a new breath of life.

During the month of love, dear Capricorn, it may feel as though you are stuck, but there will be much movement, especially once Mercury goes retrograde. Be sure to be active and bring your leadership qualities to the table, because now is the time to take advantage of all of the energy from the stars to articulate powerfully and speak eloquently. Remember, dear Capricorn, to love yourself, or at least accept that love has a right to you.

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