Capricorn November Horoscope 2016

Dear Capricorn,

Entrust your gut instinct to guide you through the darkness. Birthday season is just around the corner, so put a grin from ear to ear.  Difficult confrontations test the order of your mind, the truths of your wisdom, and the untruths of your fears. A fire of meaning strips your inner world bare to the bones exposing your authenticity.

Selfless acts of love for others give you sustenance. On Oct 23rd, the Sun radiates focus upon sharing your ears to listen, donating goods to help, and cooking to feed. The storyline of your identity on Nov 21st is yours to write; your strong suits in your wardrobe and personality outshine the competition, as well. Eager to please you, people will fall under the spell of your charm on Nov 12th. Watch November’s horoscope video :! The clever Mercury endows convincing wit into your words – a perfect time to set the record straight, or plan a chic fundraiser for a charity.

Bitter vices rot the glory of authentic dreams, which on Nov 22nd burn to ashes in a fireball of rebirth. The engulfing Sun unleashes his wrath of destruction and rebirth. Free of your social mask peer deep into your reflection. Peace of mind comes at great costs: being silent to avoid harassment, suffering ridicule in silence, taking flight over fight. Romance irreparably stripped from a dream is a nightmare one prefers to end. In the ashen residue stand pillars that actually form the essence of your mind.

Behold the mindful wonder of your bare authenticity. Till in close proximity the soils upon which the pillars of authenticity stand on the Full Moon of Nov 14th. As you till the soils of your authenticity, the vital nutrients for life are enriched by the heart. Passion in your blood sustains romance, which the incandescent Full Moon glitters like diamonds in your heart. Share your comments at under the Horoscopes link, click on your sign. Can I do anything for you to navigate this moon? The crest of this wave of passion makes possible a new true love, a night of pleasure, a spicy dance club, and even an innocent rom-com movie night, or child-proof fun.  To partake in joy you purge fear with love, clearing your mind for peace.

Unearthed in your fields of authenticity are diamonds in the rough. Stripped to its bare pillars your authenticity shines its modest value on the Waxing Half Moon of Nov 7th.  Diamonds of immeasurable worth underlying these pillars rank your right to love, laughter and life along all others. Your ability to accept others freely, support pipe dreams, advise the lost, and hug the alienated are small priceless acts that prove you matter. On Nov 10th, the deterministic Mars fuels the declaration of your worth. Cut off (if willing) people who owe you, set them free of their infringements, and debts and due credits to you. The same bitter vices will rot you all over again, instead focus your self-worth on your skills, potential and talent.

Invest upon your most profitable strong suits and re-structure your wealth in the realm of creation. Your ability to pay bills on time, do work for money, and self-pamper is your response to life’s demands. On Dec 22nd, Your response-ability (rather, responsibility) reveals on Dec 19th, that you reap rewards in measure to the true value of your field of diamonds. A new job with higher pay and attractive responsibilities, or starting a new business to generate personal income are facilitated by Mars. Authentic enterprise is the key to enrich your life by doing what you love to get what you want.

Attract the ideal life by projecting your authenticity in your pursuit of purpose.  The meaningful Waning Half Moon pulses the beat of your heart to the rhythm of its wants. She lifts the existential veil to argue for the cause and effects of your actions which give meaning to nothing. Everything you do is a sequence of consequences that means nothing. The how, why, when, where, and what of your response-ability is what matters. What does yours matter?

Heightened sensitivity to your sixth sense by Mercury, the communicator, tunes you into a nuanced world. On Nov 13th, cynic whispers question others’ motives, people say truths that sound untrue, and you see new value in the integrity of a word. Mercury sets the stage for revelations coaxed by five major planets: himself, the Sun (aforementioned) and New Moon, Saturn and Venus.

The disciplinarian Saturn scorches your inner world from Dec 2015 – Dec 2017.  A heartless realist, Saturn demolishes your basic outlook on life.  A scorched-earth exam of your subconscious is the remedy to your bitter vices. Fed by traumatic events in which you decided something was irreparably wrong, you did not belong, and you are alone, you decide on fear.  When fear decides, you dream-cide, you kill your dreams. Want your star reads by me? Here’s your chance! Tweet me @starqueenadonis for the luck of the draw! Saturn teaches wisdom through suffering caused your immaturity.  Immaturity gets expressed when you do wrong, speak lies, take too long, act too fast, dominate others, belittle, etc. Experience under Saturn makes you master the consequences by a wise approach to the sequence itself.

Gracious Venus buffers Saturn’s tough love on Nov 11th with joyous love.  She embarks to polish up your rough diamonds and rekindle the light of your passion.  Use her serene love to sustain peace of mind, filling your days and nights with dreams.  Her calm love is a respite from trivial bickering, irreconcilable differences, and past hurt.  The search for beauty motivates Venus to love. Creating happiness in others motivates, for example, my Star Queen youtube channel. What motivates you? She boosts your morale to accept the present state of your life, find the priceless worth of your skills, potential and talent, in order to generate a life of fulfillment. Venus’s devotion to beauty awakens you to the positive consequences outside of you taking root initially within you.

Fiery independence fills your mind on the New Moon of Nov 29th.  Her arrival writes a new storyline for your mind.   A new flow of words construct a palace for love and peace to reign in your mind.  Did you know the New Moon in Sagittarius (half horse and man) balances our primal and  sophisticated urges? Do you agree? She uproots the subconscious fears based on untruths to allow you new flowers of truth.  Explore these truths independent of the past and others. Your dream-life seeds anxiously await the nutrients of your diamond-rich heart. Thank you for reading! What did you think? How I can I improve? Go to my Facebook page and share.

Love you till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis

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