Gemini Horoscope January 2017

Dear Gemini,

Happy New Year! Welcome to a refreshed you in 2017! You had to prove your mettle as you waded through a challenging 2016.  You chased after and gained new heights of achievement, only after investing weeks upon weeks of sweat and tears.  Home and true love tested your patience, and were further stressed with new challenges at work. Tests on these fronts have been met with your dedication to succeed, and 2017 celebrates your work with many rewards.  Trust in your innate wind element to take off like a baby bird and fly.  The skies of 2017 are bound to encounter your inner truth and a life of boundless meaning.


Mercury presses your reset button on your energy reserves.  His Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations – as if there were no worst time! – aroused a rebirth of spirit.  You are a new person coming into 2017, with deeper attention in whom and what deserves your effort.

When Mercury retrogrades, he physically goes backward in his orbit in your Palace of Energy.   He retraces his steps to discover outstanding issues with sex, money, insurance, and even an inheritance from a will.  Financial and sexual forms of energy get sorted out.  In body there may be physical blocks to true intimacy; in money, your wealth may have been drained, but a new source of money promises a better outlook.

The Palace of Energy looks over the energetic costs of your deepest relationships.  In both romance and business, even charity, you invest little bits of your mind, body and spirit.  Exchanges between you and others happen all the time, except after 2016 you are aware of the fools and fakes. You are better in tune with acts, events, pleasures and possessions that render the most fulfillment; and with whom you can better enjoy life. Only after failed relationships, businesses, job endeavors, monetary investments, bankruptcy and heartache, can you know what failure is. As well as success. Mercury’s retrograde reveals the exact moments or events in the past and today, which caused the chaos to unleash.  He specifically unearths the costs these failures had in your mind, body and spirit.  The beauty of Mercury Retrograde is he alleviates the cost of pain as opposed to exacting vengeance against whatever must pay.  Payback is you, all healed like the past cost you nothing and the pain (and person) are long forgotten. Truly allow your Gemini wind element to let the pain breeze on by. Its zephyrs will bring better future opportunities for deeper relationships.

Mercury in December threw hissy fits in his retrograde because he is a staunch perfectionist.  He already visited your Palace of Energy two years ago in Dec 2014 – Jan 2015.  At that point in your life, you felt so capable of assuming any role.  However, there were indicators that the energy you invested in others was too intellectual, indifferent, cold or too logical. The individuals speaking these concerns may very well have been too sentimental to go with your flow.  However, in their sentimentality (or emotional unwillingness to understand you), you saw how others experienced or took in your energy.  As stated, energy is both financial and monetary, but deeply uniting them is your expression.  How you express your energy in words, actions, and deeds, may have had unintended consequences. This retrograde is a revisitation of the visit two years ago, but this time you realize it takes two to tango.  You are not the only individual investing energy, as someone else’s energy also factors into your experience. Thus, mutual respect for yourself and the other must prevail in close ties with others. Mutual give and take happens when there is healthy energetic exchanges in mind, body and spirit between you and others.

It is a new year, and though you may start with a less than ideal situation with Mercury Retrograde in your Palace of Energy, you have a whole new year to set your path straight (or gay, just be free and happy!), and make it ideal. Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury goes back all the way into memory lane as he enters your Palace of Commitment.  It is very unusual for Mercury to retrograde so far back as to recede into the previous Palace, but alas, he indicates a commitment made to a job or partner, may be the root cause of such intense energy drains. You must first reset the balance in your relationships to feel mutual fulfillment.  You may, or have already, broken up this commitment, walked away, or chosen to restart from the ground-up.  Icy cold Saturn is in this Palace, where he teaches you the importance being aware of your terms and conditions.  Only when you know what you want and who you are can you know if the other wants the same and can deliver.  Prior to agreeing on a contract or agreement, you must first be assured the commitment being formed is based on honesty and integrity. Mercury will help you see all the missing pieces, so you can confidently choose to re-make or break that commitment.

You are a power house of good judgment and choice-making. Jan 9th, Mercury end his retrograde and moves forward.  His direct motion blows winds with an explosion of progressive force.  Innate to your wings is mastery over the wind which uplifts your cornerstone as a Gemini: the mind.  You are keen on mental computation, logic and being a conveyance of knowledge to others.  Wordsmith is your trade by birth and you can gather and disburse information fast.  The light of hope peaks at the end of the retrograde tunnel Jan 13th – Feb 7th.  Your mental acuity is so precise that you are in tune with the tasks at hand today, the past is the past, you learned and are stronger.

You can speak to your new monetary and intimacy goals after you purge the waste.  Two years ago, Mercury left you in top notch form, with great prospects.  Over time, your authenticity was limited or taken for granted, and you are ready to tread new territory.  By Feb 7th, Mercury leaves you certain about your sexual power and your growing wealth. 


The Sun’s iridescent rays shower upon your Palace of Energy, Dec 22nd – Jan 21st.  He excites new life as Mercury unearths the blockages and wastes upon your energy.  You appreciate a newfound sense of identity in an important rebirth.  You are eager to take flight in your skies to discover your truth and purpose.  On Jan 21st, his showers of light continue new growth in your inner truth connect with the greater truth of the world.  This allows you to invest your energy into your true purpose in the world.  By Feb 8th, a death, a will, or inheritance, can expand your view on life with acceptance of the after-life.  Or you may experience an orgasm of such palpable pleasure, a new you is reborn.  One that rises from deep intimacy with another so as to inspire true love’s trust.


Venus, your girl, works in tandem with the Sun to beautify your grown sense of purpose.  She helps you see how you fit into this world, and that ain’t no one going to live your inner truth, but you.  She compels you to embrace the unique person you are and see how important a role your life plays in those closet to you.

Venus will highlight this importance when she enters your Palace of Career, Jan 5th.  Her touch of luxury spices up your dreams and aspirations to reach for more.  She dons you with rose-tinted glasses with which to see your awesome skills, strengths, accomplishments and achievements. 

Throughout much of her transit revitalizing your Palace of Career, Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god of war. She will allow you to build stronger rapport with new clients, a new boss, or subordinates, and feel respect abound.  Mars helps you sour into new heights, as Venus helps you win over those who rule those heights.  VIPs, exclusive clubs, and elite networking event, are all highly favored as you gain more renown and recognition.  Your quantities as a logical intellect makes your mind highly desirable for business, especially if you are in sales.  With Mercury revamping your energy investments in life, stay keen on winning over the right individuals.  Avoid being cutthroat or indifferent, as you may lose out on shy but genius individuals. The lessons from the past empower mutual respect to prevail, as you are more mature.  You have learned how to best invest yourself, and others start to note your wise choices. By Feb 3rd, your fame will precede you and others will gladly work with you. Venus ensures your good position and standing in you career field, destined to be the best.


Mars catapults you into the heights of success as he visits your Palace of Career.  He launches a professional crusade into your ideal place of work, field of interest or social standing.  You may even change your name as romantic thresholds in your life (if you are in a relationship), open you up to say “I do,” in marriage and thus legally change your name.  The change in title my be economic, as your marriage or job, augment your credit line, mutual wealth, and enrich your security. The success you see can be in your profession as you attain your ideal job with fierce winds of determination fueled by Mars.  On Jan 28th,  Mars delivers the title, role or status through which your hard work and dedication are acknowledged. On the following day, Jan 29th, Mars continues to revolutionize your role in life when he enters your Palace of Community.  He intends to emerge your reborn self professionally and socially with a social crusade into the world.  Your growing social identity from your inner truth opens up networks that empower you.  As Mars fuels your desire for community involvement, he tears down social walls to render you open.  Others look into the real you, but the vulnerability inspires them to trust your heart, judgment and guidance.  He energizes your drive to be more authentic, strong and fierce!  Saturn pressures you to be authentic about your terms and conditions in relationships and commitment.  Come February, the month of love, Mars and Saturn give you a commitment to love.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows in your community, and ebbs in your enjoyment.  As you are reborn with a growing sense of purpose, the Moon makes a very powerful visit to your Palace of Community.  Jan 5th, she arrives as a Waxing Crescent to initiate a trend of great social expansion.  She will give you a tease of the work Mars develop and Venus will beautify.  The bountiful god of fortune, Jupiter will send great vibrations of true love and romance. Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on that day, as previously mentioned, compounding the discovery of truth.  Mars will soon visit, suggesting Jan 5th is a major foreshadowing of an ideal life to come.  Specifically, more fulfillment in love and work, which gains its power from literally not giving two cents about what people think. Keep a close eye on your mind on this date, and whatever triggers fear, joy, pain in the gut, sweaty palms or rapid breathing is a sign what to expect.  This Waxing Crescent is just the flow of a new social identity, with less insecurity, and more self-esteem.

The crescent progresses into a Full Moon on Jan 13th, to celebrate your financial and spiritual blessings.  Given the volatility of the month, I would be remiss in being blindly optimistic.  I want to prepare you to feel ready to take on life, so that as opposed to a helpless victim life is under your control as a survivor.  Your talent and skill set are profitable and you are a strong source of money and stability.  Independence is a cornerstone of this moon, which Jupiter beautifully illuminates with care-free joy.  Jupiter is in a perfect trine to the Full Moon, a link that underlines the day with a sense of romance and lightness.  Jupiter shows you how to make a hobby turn a profit, or find enjoyment in a splurge to spoil yourself, or in expanding your world with more idealism.  You start the year with a lot of positivity around you and you feel the spiritual worth of these blessings, which is priceless.  Life will feel absolutely blissful and full for financial and spiritual promise.  If ever you wondered what your terms and conditions should be, this is the day.  The day when you know your worth inside and out, and someone finds you utterly irresistible.  You may get a big bonus, a pay raise, a new and bigger wealth portfolio, more clients, more money money money!

Your health will desire a reset button on the Waning Crescent in your Palace of Health, Jan 19th.  No one ever said going after your desired job, title, social role, and true love would be cheap on the body, mind and spirit.  You may also desire a fundamental change to your routine to get more fulfillment out of your day to day. This Palace also rules over your employment prospects, so you may hear promising news about a promotion at work.  The Moon here is bringing an end to the last remnants of your 2016 faded goals and promises.  This is a great time to understand your daily needs in order to establish the routine perfect for your daily success.

The first month of your 2017 rebirth year ends upon a glamorous New Moon.  After helping to re-calibrate in the previously mentioned Palaces of your reign, the Moon helps you in your quest for purpose.  She stops by in your Palace of Purpose on Jan 29th.  When the Moon gets naked and sheds herself of all her light, she goes silent into the night.  You cannot see her, because she is too good to keep cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up.  This Moon takes you by the hand so you walk confidently in tune with your inner truth.  After a year of new challenges and territory to tread, you are more comfortable in your settings and feel better able to soar. Others are awaiting to see your authentic soul shine through, and why would you hold back when they love who you are? You are an amazing soul, with a unique mind, body and spirit, and now is the time to soar!

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis  

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