Leo Horoscope January 2017

Dear Leo,

Happy New Year! Welcome to an improved new you in body with regained health. Your eyes open to broader horizons spiritually and intellectually, signs of a more mature you in 2017.  You enter the year focused on self-improvement efforts: diet, exercise, habits, your daily routine and overall wellbeing. Your improved focus on self helps you draw up new terms and conditions. You are eager to revitalize your intimate relationships through mutual satisfaction. The relationship most transformed is the one with self.


The athletic Mercury tours your Palace of Wellbeing with a transformative force in mind, body and spirit. He went Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations – as if there were no worst time! – and retraced the foundations of your existence. Mercury unearths revelations which help free you from toxic, destructive or addictive habits.  You rid of yourself of excess baggage, people and circumstances to recenter your self within.

When Mercury Retrogrades he physically goes backward in his orbit in your Palace of Wellbeing.  He tills the earth beneath your feet so your able to stand confident in your fertile garden of happiness.  The Palace of Wellbeing rules over your physical, spiritual and mental health.  You can begin a new diet, exercise, gym membership, and shrink your waistline as your strengthen your muscles. A new course of study can stimulate your ever curious mind to rule and run the world (your world, at least). As the great communicator to the gods, Mercury appreciate keen mental strength.  Rely on his powers to show you the interest, desire, or hobby which you can refine with more study and practice.  You can start as an apprentice now, and by the time he returns at year’s end you will be learned, practiced and possibly turning your hobby into a profession.  You wholly restructure your life in favor of a grind that gets you to sweat drops of passion, not frustration.  Create a new order to your day with Mercury to infuse your spirit in everything you do.  Enrich your spirit with daily time to count your blessings, meditate on your gifts, especially the greatest one of all: your life.

Mercury threw wrenches into the flow of your days in December because he is a staunch perfectionist.  He already visited, and went Retrograde, in your Palace of Wellbeing Jan 7th – 26, 2016; so this is your second wild ride in one year in your search for true love and happiness.  At that point in your life, you experienced uncertain physical ailments, spiritual losses, and mental confusion.  However, your vitality was on fire as you met challenges, obstacles and tasks with drive and determination.  You trusted your inner compass to show you the right paths to solve sudden situations.  Now they seem old and outdated, and your world could use a touch of improvement on all fronts it seems. 

It is a new year, and though you may start with a less than ideal situation with Mercury Retrograde, you have a whole new year to set your path straight (or gay, just be free and happy!), and make it ideal! Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury Retrogrades so far back so as to recede into the previous Palace, but alas, he is intent on improving your life with romance, true love, and genuine joyfulness.  If your heart’s fire feels dimmed or extinguished, Mercury reignites your inner flame.  This is the perfect time to chase after true love, find the one your really love, and re-discover the very essence of enjoyment.  Look to Jan 9th when Mercury stops his retrograde and goes direct.  Your passion is quenched the delivery of an ideal life: in a love letter, beautiful poetry, a masterpiece in a museum, or even an with your spouse to spice up your love life.

Mercury begins to plant seeds of an improved and ideal life when he moves back into your Palace of Wellbeing.  He is done tilling the grounds of your life and you can begin to grow. In love, health and mind you are ready to enjoy life better in 2017.  The basic building blocks of your day from your hygiene, to your work, hobby and love life get a stronger foundation for a prosperous future. From Jan 13th – Feb 7th, you feel in greater control over your daily search for happiness.  Infuse more enjoyment as you are better aware of your life’s weaknesses. Be open to accept that some people, circumstances and situations will stay toxic.  Equally accept your right to live a happy and balanced life in mind, body and spirit.

Your life takes new form under the Palace of Wellbeing.  Your attention to your needs in 2017 differ from those in 2016 with clarity and an urgent call to act.  Matters of life show you its fragility and strengths. I hope this horoscope inspires you to think and imagine of your ideal life and to believe it is possible.  By Feb 7th, the month of love, Mercury helps you reset the order and flow of your day for a healthier lifestyle.  A more productive and proactive you conquers 2017 (like a true Leo!).


The Sun showers you with optimism to infuse into your newly ordered life. His glorious rays light your Palace of Wellbeing to work in conjunction with Mercury, Dec 22nd – Jan 21st.  He helps Mercury spot the cracks and kinks in your life to make better use of your time. The Sun is the father of life, specifically your unique outlook on life, and guides you toward the teachers, gurus, masters and practitioners whose knowledge you seek.  Their help improves your state of life with your authenticity in the center of way of life.  On Jan 21st, the Sun gives you the chance you long desired to delve into your passion at long last.  In a job, a hobby, a rehab program, or even a trip abroad, you get a chance to broaden your outlook on life. On the next day, Jan 22nd, your fire element is in full flame as the Sun enters your Palace of Commitment, Jan 22nd – Feb 18th, when you recenter in a close relationship. You are eager to balance your improved sense of self with improved relationships.  The means by which you improve your life also positively benefit how you commit yourself.  YOu also get to update your terms and conditions, by which you can re-establish mutual respect and satisfaction in your closest ties.  In romance and business, the Sun intends to show you the path to success after such a profound transformation of self.  By Feb 8th, on Mercury’s last day in your Palace of Wellbeing, you will feel certain of the ground upon which your success relies.  If certain amendments and changes are needed to re-make (or break) your most important alliances in love and work, the Sun fuels your ambition by which to succeed.


The ever divine goddess of beauty and love, Venus, reinforces your need to improve your closest ties.  She tours your Palace of Commitment from Dec 8th – Jan 4th, and works in your personal favor to alleviate stress in partnerships.  She inspires confidence in your demands for more trust, openness, reliability and harmony in your life.  Your perception of marriage includes an honest look into your idea of commitments.  There is a financial and romantic component to marriage that increasingly became a frustration.  However, Venus seeks to empower you by helping you to definitively find out your terms and conditions in order to have health in wellbeing and marriage.  By Jan 4th, Venus proves you merit the ideal connections in love and business in which you dreamed, but struggled to believe. She helps you secure a financial and sexual stream of satisfaction as she enters your Palace of Energy, Jan 5th – Feb 4th.  She scintillates your desires in sex and your savvy in business. Money and sex may seem totally unrelated, yet, they are physical realities created from spiritual energy.  Your spirit gives you the power and vision to create a life of pleasure and wealth.  I hope this horoscope inspires you to believe you have the power and vision to use Venus’s influence to create secure stability. By Feb 4th, your power and vision help you take advantage of an opportunity to make life better.  Venus will be sure this day satisfies the bed and wallet.


Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god of war.  In her efforts to secure stability in your life, Mars opens the channels into which you can make great strides.  He tours your Palace of Energy, Dec 20th – Jan 28th, and incites a rebirth.  He don’t want his comrade Lion with royal pride to waste away.  The deterministic god of strategy looks upon your your energy reserves to see how 2016 utterly depleted you.  Your concerted efforts to improve your life are culminating to a tipping point where frustration is too wasteful.  Passion is more profitable, and Mars helps save yourself from embitterment, rage, anger and even hate.  Those issues are best left in the past, and you are determined to live the rest of your days (as many as may come) for you.  On Jan 28th, you enact the wisdom you have gained from suffering past frustrations, and proactively re-make your life. When he enters your Palace of Purpose, you are further in tune with your true reason to live.  Mars opens your eyes to your true destiny in life and he empowers you to make a choice.  There is a greater indication you really desire a total rebirth as Saturn pressures you to enjoy your life with authenticity. As mentioned, you desire more enjoyment in life.  Sadly, icy Saturn teaches you just how hard it can be to enjoy your life. The life is out of your control, however, you still can enjoy your life genuinely. Come February, the month of love, Mars and Saturn fill life with pleasure and enjoyment.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows in your purpose, and ebbs in your home.  As you refine your life by getting rid of waste, the Moon makes a powerful visit to your Palace of Purpose.  Jan 5th, the Waxing Crescent Moon inspires a sense of purpose in your life.  She initiates a chase for authentic happiness with certainty in your direction in life.  Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on that day, as previously mentioned, reinforcing your sense of purpose with willpower.  Mars will soon visit, as well, suggesting Jan 5th is a major foreshadowing of the stronger you being reborn.  Specifically, your willpower to take control of what you can in life and create the most idyllic life.  Keep a close eye on your health on this date, and whatever triggers fear, joy, pain in the gut, sweaty palms or rapid breathing is a sign of what to expect. Hopefully, you are inspired to feel worthy of pursuing your happiness.  This Waxing Crescent is the start of a whole new search for meaning.

The crescent dons her celestial dress of light on Jan 13th as the Full Moon, to strengthen your inner self.  The Full Moon illuminates your Palace of Intuition and under her twinkling truth, she reveals your deepest strength.  Beneath the layers of protection you have built, is a person free of fear and full of love.  She is intent on making this inner strength rise to the surface.  The Moon excites your sixth sense to better tune into life’s secrets.  Many secrets from the past will be revealed today to help you see you are a survivor.  The traumas, pains and judgments which caused self-doubt and insecurity find remedy and peace.  On this date, meditate and discover the key to peace of mind (that is until the next key).

This key will help remedy issues tied close to your home.  The Full Moon recedes into a Waning Crescent to help bring closure and peace at home.  This is a night to write a letter to your mother, call her, or pray to her.  Jan 19th, the crescent brings comfort to your Palace of Home, which rules over your relationship with your mother; childhood nostalgia; the domesticity of your life today; and the physical origin of your life-roots.  As this crescent takes place very close to your Palace of Knowledge, currently visited by Jupiter, a home experience will broaden your mind.  Your intellect and logic will feel rooted to your real experiences, rather than theories on life.

The first month of your 2017 year ends with a renewed commitment to your dreams.  Your life is not a theory because your experience proves you are real.  You exist and your sense of self deserves to be respected (in the mirror and relationships).  The New Moon of Jan 29th concludes with a genuine respect and urgent need to act for your best interests. When the Moon gets naked and sheds herself of her light, she goes silent into the night.  She cannot be seen, because she is too good to be cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up. This Moon takes you by the hand so you are not only aware of your terms and conditions for a happy life.  You are also determined and unstoppable as you stand for you end of the bargain.  In marriage and business, you are capable of negotiating for the long-haul. If part of your rebirth plan is getting married and tying the knot, you can happy tie the knot with faith in the future prosperity of the alliance being formed. Just be sure the commitment to your ever improving outlooks on security, love and happiness take root in you.

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis 

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