Leo Horoscope November 2016

Dear Leo,

Open your home’s curtains so the Sun can pour in his life-giving rays.  He is sprucing up the vitality of your home and soaking every corner in his sweet sun rays. Your home life is the focus of your interior redecorations, especially as it relates to domesticity.  The state of your home, Leo’s prideful sanctuary, is cleansed for the entrance of a new spiritual realm.  Your mother is closely linked to the spirit of your home, and you seek to step confidently into the new world. The Sun holds your hand to see joy in your life – the old ways are fading and new adventures await.

Ride the wave of success to the Full Moon of Nov 14th when your hard work and sacrifice pay off.  An emotional peak of energy arises with an award or recognition for your professional and educational development.  You get the praise of your boss in the form of a plaque, bonus, raise or promotion.  Share your comments at www.starqueen.net under the Horoscopes link, click on your sign. Can I do anything for you to navigate this moon? You may find yourself landing the perfect opportunity in your chosen career. For example, you may meet the perfect agent to represent you.  No matter where life takes you, this Full Moon changes your title and role in society.

Your relationship to your mother rings with strong vibrations with the Sun charging your shared connection.  He is right opposite the Full Moon, creating a bridge through which you re-establish your roles at home and society.  On Nov 21st, the Sun rekindles your connection to the Earth herself.  She is your mother and you are a child of hers.  As a child of Earth, she grants you full permission to roam free and unhindered upon her ground.  Watch November’s horoscope video : https://youtu.be/SiX2EYsJMGY ! The role you take on in society is powerfully more confident because your roots to Earth get a strong surge of life-giving Sunlight.

Papers regarding your home, an inheritance, a marriage or professional contract arrive on Nov 7th.  The Waxing Half Moon builds up the energy preceding the Full Moon, and helps you to sign confidently on the dotted line.  A great many forms of transformations can be coming from the powerful Full Moon of dreams; such as, a divorce, a death, a marriage, a title, or promotion.  You may become a doctor, a widow, a spouse, a partner, etc. The Waxing Half Moon ensures the paperwork presented to you is official and binding.

Your interests will be fairly presented in the paperwork thanks to Mars. On Nov 10th, you will agree with confidence upon the terms and conditions presented to you.  However, if you do not or are not ready because the terms and conditions do not represent your needs and wants, Mars will see to your fair and advantageous representation. You will powerfully speak to your half of the contract, as Mars strategically calculates your financial worth and dues.  Have a list of things you are willing to negotiate upon and have reasons to justify the non-negotiable items.  By Dec 19th, you will see a conclusion to all the month’s paperwork, luckily with a prosperous outcome.

An emotional night linked to your money and self-worth is the Waning Half Moon.  She strums the chords in your Palace of Value, which experience a huge upheaval in September.  Mercury’s retrograde played with your money and self-esteem, by slipping the rug from underneath you.  This Waning Half Moon is a nice reprieve from all the financial drama of September.  If it did not manifest itself financially, it could have dealt with your personal identity, private information, your stream of income, your bank accounts, and something as minor as your driver’s license. Things you tend to keep in your wallet were especially susceptible to Mercury’s retrograde – and this night is the happy ending titled: Payday.

The shapeless aura of happiness becomes you as spice in the air ignites your flames.  On Nov 13th, Mercury will stoke your fire element embers to rage a fire of true love and idyllic romance.  He sets the stage for the visitation of five major planets in your Palace of Enjoyment: the Sun and New Moon, Saturn, Venus, and himself.  A major shift geared to enabling the attainment of true love and joy all day, every day!

Icy cold Saturn imparts his obstacles that trip you up in your pursuit of happiness.  He wants you to be happy, but he wants you to pursue your true happiness.  He quickly shows how some forms of happiness can lead to suffering.  In your suffering you wake up from the illusion of destructive entertainment.  Want your star reads by me? Here’s your chance! Tweet me @starqueenadonis for the luck of the draw! Happiness comes at a cost, and if truth is what you seek, Saturn will yield.  He will teach you every falsehood until you learn the true cost and happiness. He will expose cheaters and torturers from the loyal true lovers from 2015-2017.

Venus has you grinning from ear to ear on Nov 11th, when she indulges Saturn with her sweet touch of love.  She buffers his tough love with her charm, and inspires you to showcase your strengths under Saturn’s scrutiny.  Strict Saturn and tender Venus tango for your happiness, as Saturn seeks to toughen you up while Venus dotes with her spoiling affection.  They strike a balance and make this night sing with the joyful creation of a new masterpiece.  The search for beauty motivates Venus to love. Creating happiness in others motivates, for example, my Star Queen youtube channel. What motivates you? Your life feels like an artist’s dream, giving you a vision of how to pursue happiness in your truth.

The door of true happiness swings wide open upon the New Moon of Nov 30th.  This juicy cherry wraps the month up with the promise that your pursuit in life thus far has been in truth.  The door you arrive to on this date is an emotional peak of frustrating energy, which upon this night reveals its source.  The door you step through is a gateway to deeper joy in life.  Did you know the New Moon in Sagittarius (half horse and man) balances our primal and  sophisticated urges? Do you agree? A prideful lion like yourself finds joy in creation, as your creative force is a display of your mastership. This New Moon is a start of a journey to your heart, a heart worth every nickel and penny; a heart whose vices may be compromised, but not its core virtues; a heart whose pursuit of truth may lead them towards falsehood, but unstoppably persevering for the truth.  Thank you for reading! What did you think? How I can I improve? Go to my Facebook page and share. https://www.facebook.com/starqueenadonis/

I love you till the end of time (in truth)!


Star Queen Adonis   

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