Libra Horoscope November 2016

Dear Libra,

The lens through which you perceive the world is the focus in November. Everything outside of you remains seemingly the same. Nothing within you, however, seems quite the same. There are rumbling urges within you to go and seek more.  Life is not finished serving up silver platters of fresh newness. This month, the newness is quite simply you: mind, body and soul.

The principle ethics of how you value yourself are illuminated by the Sun on Oct 23rd.  He began a phase of re-evaluation in your financial and spiritual self-confidence.  Mercury lends his powers of communication to help you speak to your self-worth on Oct 25th. A nice financial payout or message of spiritual significance arrives on Mercury’s exit from your Palace of Value, Nov 12th. Watch November’s horoscope video: ! You will see a new stream of income, an increase in pay, and possibly a new job being the new source of wealth. You are revived with a passionate sense of self worth on Nov 21st, as the Sun solidifies the confidence of whom you are.  You realize you are reaping the rewards for the efforts you sowed, that the person today was formed totally by you back then.

The Full Moon crosses paths mid-way the Sun and Mercury’s visits on Nov 14th.  She dons her celestial light, and in her dancing, reveals the truths hidden deep in your Palace of Energy.  She is eager to coax the potential deep in the grounds of your soul.  This Moon invites you to reconnect with the Earth’s soils.  Share your comments at under the Horoscopes link, click on your sign. Can I do anything for you to navigate this moon? Get your hands deep into her black soils of nutrient-rich sustenance as a way to reconnect with your own soul.  Wines, valleys, cheeses, desserts, poetry, and sensuality are ingredients for the rebirth of your Libran soul. The Sun prods you to seek harmony between your self-confidence and over-indulgence, which can lead from productive creation to arrogant entitlement.

An especially indulgent Moon is the Waxing Half Moon of Nov 7th.  She is a tease of coming attractions, and chaos.  She introduces a theme of over-indulgence in your life, whose course will be reset to reinforce your growth.  Looking to eventually demolish every bit of excess is Mars who will trim the unnecessary baggage to introduce the new. His attention focuses on preparing you for a spiritual growth spurt.  His entrance into your palace of indulgence, the Palace of Enjoyment, reigns over romance, true love, love making, joy, innocence, and the creation of love-making: babies. Though these are utterly desirable, life demands to know if you are mature enough to handle them. Life indulges you with these gifts thanks to Mars on Nov 10th, who asks you to divulge your insecurities and fears.  He asks you to rely on love to overcome your fear, as the mind can only compute either love or hate at once.  He commands you to action this love, as like any other blessing, love requires active maintenance. You rise to the challenge to prove your maturity level to merit the indulgent gift of life on Dec 19th.  The gift delivered is tailored to your every desire, which comes at a price which you must now work to keep in your life.

Trust upon your inner wisdom on the Waning Half Moon of Nov 21st.  You can rely upon the wealth of experience gained in your life to make the right decisions.  This night is a psychological invitation to look inward.  You will desire to relate, but feel insecure and unworthy.  Mars will help you overcome the lack of confidence.  His focus on your faith in love highlights what the Sun is also showing: you are worth every bit of love.  You feel you are worthy of true love, security, comfort and fulfillment, so polish the lens through which you see the world of its confidence-lacking grime.

Speak your every ounce of self-worth with Mercury on Nov 13th.  He sets into motion a transformation of your mind, in order to express your newfound confidence.  As you discover a wealth of passion for your life, Mercury enables you to bespeak the words tailored to your passions.  Adding fire is the Sun on Nov 22nd, when the road of life naturally takes you to greater spiritual and intellectual understanding. You hear of an opportunity to expand your knowledge of life from a job, a school, a program, or a pregnancy test, marriage, or divorce papers.

The strict taskmaster Saturn orchestrates the creation of this road to understanding.  He is wholly demolishing your Palace of Knowledge from Dec 2015 – Dec 2017. You are seeing the slow and steady construction of a new paradigm of understanding.  The model of life, as you understood it, is different.  A new realm of knowledge and action is needed to adapt to the new paradigm.  Want your star reads by me? Here’s your chance! Tweet me @starqueenadonis for the luck of the draw! The old you is being extended beyond capacity, because it simply must stretch to keep with current trends. Saturn makes clean breaks from the past in fundamental models of understanding your life; for example, a new marriage that destroys a selfish lifestyle, and pushes you to care equally for the other. It may mean you are intellectually broadening your horizons through education and finding the climb impossible, but Saturn only tests your resilience, so have faith and love for your resilience.

The gracious Venus buffers Saturn’s icy lessons on maturing your knowledge on life.  She, too, focuses her energy on the lens through which you see the world.  The world is already perfect, she teaches you.  The lens through which you perceive the world is racked with grimy insecurities.  The search for beauty motivates Venus to love. Creating happiness in others motivates, for example, my Star Queen youtube channel. What motivates you? On Nov 11th, she reminds you life can be heaven on Earth, you know this from past heavenly experiences.  She urges you to dream of the idyllic world you seek and to open your eyes for the sight that lens beholds.

Open the door to this idyllic world on the New Moon of Nov 29th.  She wraps up a month of great expansion for your mind, body and spirit.  Did you know the New Moon in Sagittarius (half horse and man) balances our primal and  sophisticated urges? Do you agree? She allows you to step through life with this new lens of understanding.  A brighter and more hopeful world is at your behest, and though Saturn is testing your resilience, he is making you stronger, as well.  The more lessons and obstacles you overcome, and continually cleanse the grime off your lens, in pursuit of your idyllic world, the more maturity you gain.  The challenges you master this month help you grow your world as a reliable and trustworthy individual for others.  The outward world is improved mostly because of the matured lens from work done on your inward world. Thank you for reading! What did you think? How I can I improve? Go to my Facebook page and share.

Love you till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis

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