Pisces Horoscope December 2016


Dear Pisces, Changes require more logic than feeling nowadays to set you on a new social role for a new year.  Benevolent Jupiter stirs a new spiritual and sexual self. He sling shots you into […]

Pisces November Horoscope 2016


Dear Pisces, Reach for the stars as they extend the keys to your dreams. Your soul highly aspires to renown and title. Life cements your dirt roads with the attainment of status with professional and […]

Aquarius November Horoscope 2016


Dear Aquarius, Focus your sight on the lens through which you perceive life in November.  The vital skills, potential and talent of your authenticity spotlight you from the rest. Aim your efforts on building superior […]

Capricorn November Horoscope 2016


Dear Capricorn, Entrust your gut instinct to guide you through the darkness. Birthday season is just around the corner, so put a grin from ear to ear.  Difficult confrontations test the order of your mind, […]

Sagittarius November Horoscope 2016


Dear Sagittarius, Stoke your fires of rejuvenation, it is birthday season! Outshine the competition with your inner light imbued by the life-giving rays of the Sun. Fill your days with drive in pursuit of your […]

Scorpio November Horoscope 2016


Dear Scorpio, The focus of November is your fragile interior protected by a fortified outer shell. You understand the essence of your soul down to the very penny. You paradoxically discover all the pennies combined […]

Libra Horoscope November 2016


Dear Libra, The lens through which you perceive the world is the focus in November. Everything outside of you remains seemingly the same. Nothing within you, however, seems quite the same. There are rumbling urges […]

Virgo November Horoscope 2016


Dear Virgo, Your home roots call you with the Sunlight charging the feminine energy of your origins.  The family’s tough love hardened your skin, but you always want home to stay sweet. The conditions of […]

Leo Horoscope November 2016


Dear Leo, Open your home’s curtains so the Sun can pour in his life-giving rays.  He is sprucing up the vitality of your home and soaking every corner in his sweet sun rays. Your home […]

Cancer November 2016


Dear Cancer, Promote your health with exercise, diet, employment and an improved sleep cycle.  The Sun brings his life-giving rays to your Palace of Wellbeing. You are more driven to pursue daily activities of fulfillment. […]

Gemini November 2016


Dear Gemini, Listen to your gut instinct as the Sun gives you the powers of intuition. You can trust your sixth sense picks up on unspoken but clearly conveyed messages.  The words from others can […]

Taurus November 2016


Dear Taurus, Till the nutrient-rich soils of your inner energy with the rays of the Sun.  His life-giving light penetrates the top ground so rough diamonds hidden underneath can glisten their splendor. Deep in the […]

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