Pisces Horoscope December 2016

Broaden your social outreach with a new social identity

Dear Pisces,

Changes require more logic than feeling nowadays to set you on a new social role for a new year. 

Benevolent Jupiter stirs a new spiritual and sexual self. He sling shots you into realms of lasting security and tranquility.  Dreams frustrated by difficulty in sex, pleasure, money, insurance and inheritance move forward.  Await a bonus, investment opportunity, or lover as Uranus’s nod of approval for your growing sense of security in yourself.

Innovative Uranus rouses your sense of self-worth. The great god of innovation seeks to secure money and spiritual blessings.  He fills your daily life with inspiration, authenticity and clarity, made possible by Jupiter’s energetic influence.  Your eyes open to a new understanding of the world and yourself. 

Strict Saturn pressures you to be in a genuine pursuit of happiness.  He motivates you to find meaning in your life in daily actions and services. Saturn matures your perspective on true happiness through tests on your insecurities.  He teaches you how to relax your doubts.  Wise action and energy are vital for pursuing your happiness and sense of self.

The crusader Mars instills a sense of self-love. On Dec. 20th, you start to realize the unique talents of your person.  Eager to live in pursuit of your ideal life, you are willing to sacrifice for your ideal vision.  You are a soul of priceless worth, a wonderful and magical worth, so leave a mark to let’em know you were here.

The Full Moon dons her celestial gown of light on Dec 13th to bring focus on the order of your home life. Energy peaks your ties to home and family.  Bask in creature comforts and home pleasure from the morning you jump out of bed, to the pjs when you’re back in bed. Use the light of the Moon to reveal missing pieces to your home life, and give yourself what you need to spice it up. Tap into your true worth to present it at the negotiation table.

The Waning Crescent Moon of Dec. 20th, awakens your romantic and professional partnerships.  Eager to satisfy your desire for security, feed intimacy into your partnership by declaring your genuine needs. List out your terms and conditions with more definition of character. A clear picture of your wishes fuels a stronger and motivated new you.

The illustrious Sun shines bright rays of hope on your social life.  In light of your growing sense of self, express your self-worth.  Social acceptance focuses your sight on organizing, volunteer work, charity, clubs and elite groups. On Dec. 22nd, reflect upon the truths known by you alone and share with others. 

The communicator Mercury assists the Sun with the gift of gab.  On Dec 3rd. Mercury fine tune your heart and mind to feel authentic in society.  Allow your love of self to stream through your words and deeds, in order to poise yourself for lasting prosperity.  He will question your associations when he retrogrades Dec. 20th – Jan. 8th, 2017.  Focus on your personal qualities, expand your social influence, and refine your social outreach. Documents and paperwork will heavily reveal intimate details about your groups, associations and contributions, on Feb. 7th. Mercury’s twists of fate, trials and tribulations, test your outlook to equip you with the facts to make a strong choice. The promise of finding your tribe rings in the future for you.

The transformer Pluto seeks to re-do your social identity. He focuses the Sun and Mercury upon your social thoughts, fears, joys and frustrations. The intimate depth of your power for love is beautiful under the planets’ exposures. Innate love comes forth to uplift your doubts to trust the changes of love, and who you are becoming as you pursue your ideal self.

The gracious Venus romanticizes your social outlook with rose tinted glasses. She scintillates your desires for a healthy social life life which promotes self-love and social acceptance. On Dec. 8th, awaken to positivity and hope. Your charm wins others over in business, whose fondness is expressed in great recommendations and connections. You feel unstoppable in your personal and professional pursuit of belonging.

The awakening New Moon of Dec. 29th closes out the year with service.  The most important of all bonds is the one with yourself.  The thoughts of a peaceful life, with love and friends, excite you.  The changes Mercury has in store, re-do your social world to define a new you inside and out. Changes require more logic than feeling nowadays to set you on a new social role for a new year. 

Love you till the end of time!

xoxo Star Queen Adonis

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