Pisces November Horoscope 2016

Dear Pisces,

Reach for the stars as they extend the keys to your dreams. Your soul highly aspires to renown and title. Life cements your dirt roads with the attainment of status with professional and personal import. Your reason grows innately from trial and error with lasting refinement to your lens of awareness.  Entrust your wise gut t to sense the unsaid with precise perception.

A sensitive sixth sense procures tested and tried wisdom. Experience predicates the wisdom to heal the trauma of untruths on the Waxing Half Moon of Nov 7th. The times you suffer ridicule in silence, the loss of elemental love (like a parent’s), feel there is something wrong with you, do not belong and are alone, each bespeak the power of wisdom’s conditioning. The crusader Mars polishes your mind for optimum vigor on Nov 10th. Watch the November horoscope video : https://youtu.be/oiNd7a17vZI ! Pursuit of peace sweeps the dust off doubts to incite a revolution of truth. Strategy imbues your reason to sense the unsaid, and see the greater consequences for their cause and effect.

A new paradigm of understanding models a different life.  Current trends adapt the old you to the new paradigm of knowledge illuminated by the Full Moon of Nov 14th.  You accept the world as your intellect expands to see cultures, religions, classes, and beliefs as diverse human expressions. Share your comments at www.starqueen.net under the Horoscopes link, click on your sign. Can I do anything for you to navigate this moon? Accepting another’s character flaws and strengths shows sense of equal justice; as opposed to the injustice of intolerance. Express a code of conduct that bespeaks qualities of fair and just respect for universal freedom of expression.

Wield your self-expression to state your terms of agreement.  The devout Waning Half Moon kindles talks of a union on Nov 21st. Personal benefit is your top priority to sign the agreement with confidence. Being self-aware nurtures intimate ties at love and work authentically.

The illustrious Sun spotlights your dreams to behold your masterful feat. On Nov 22nd, your ability for higher-order thinking, expert analysis, skills of appraisal, and charge down tactics, elicit your response to life’s demands. The communicator Mercury reveals your response-ability (rather, responsibility), reaps rewards in measure to your field of diamonds. For example, a new job with higher pay and attractive responsibilities; fame with the ability to set the record straight; and changing your name from tying the knot are diamonds in the rough. The purity of the diamond is in measure to the influence your responsibilities exert.

Icy-strict Saturn aggravates your chase for the dream. From Dec 2015 – Dec 2017 he scrutinizes your every act to prove your mettle, apply your intellect for a specialty, and assume a role of life import: parenthood. Want your star reads by me? Here’s your chance! Tweet me @starqueenadonis for the luck of the draw! Gracious Venus buffers his strict lessons that make you suffer before giving wisdom.  The search for beauty motivates Venus to love. Creating happiness in others motivates, for example, my Star Queen youtube channel. What motivates you? Go for a promotion with her spirit of enterprise with a lucrative bonus on Nov 11th, to show a mature response to greater power, fame and influence.

The New Moon is the glory of the month with a juicy gift on Nov 29th.  She delivers the one door that swings open to give you the career boost, stamp of fame, and official release date to get you recognized. Did you know the New Moon in Sagittarius (half horse and man) balances our primal and  sophisticated urges? Do you agree? You can even end your current ties to anyone who no longer thrills you but whose thrills are shrill, like an agent or spouse. You can get married or divorced, get a title, promotion, redefine your identity in society, and realize your dreams! Thank you for reading! What did you think? How I can I improve? Go to my Facebook page and share. https://www.facebook.com/starqueenadonis/

Love you till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis

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