Sagittarius February 2015

My dearest Sagittarius,

The year begins with tests of frustration, that make you stand for what you believe is right and fair, and though you authentically stand in the righteousness of your cause, you constantly feel that your contributions, which far exceed what is expected of you, go unnoticed, and the smallest fault forgiven to others is critically put against you. The source of all this total stress of your being, downright to your soul, is Saturn. Saturn is the taskmaster planet of the zodiac and the god of wisdom that teaches you through his only tool: life. Life is a series of experiences from joy to trauma, and over the next couple of years from December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017, Saturn will stand by you and question the integrity of your soul. There may be loss of relationships in your professional and personal lives, though you will have a lot of say, power and influence over this, as your life suddenly begins to reveal to you the weakest links in your life. In many instances you will choose to end the relationship, as Saturn’s questions become so psychologically powerful they literally open a gaping existential whole, one that shows that you are wholly accountable for the choices you make and the consequences. Thus, many of you will begin to think seriously of your future and your retirement. At this point in your life you are acknowledging the power of your sense of self and its ability to procure the life you love by simply being the most authentic you. You are a beautiful piece of human mastery in your own right, dear Sagittarius, and you are now ready to open your wings to take more of life’s majesty in. Your immortality will begin to shape your perspective on life, especially for the adventure seeking Sagittarius that loves the overwhelming splendor of the riches of life. That is a great blessing Saturn will endow upon you, dear Sagittarius, because his tests are not easy and he knows it. He rewards you for withstanding his trials and tribulations by expanding your world – spiritually, intellectually and worldly. The price ticket for this worldly experience is the cost of your soul – literally. Saturn will ask you, what are you worth, Sagittarius? And what stops you from declaring that? You will grow so much under Saturn’s deep gaze into the very essence of your soul that the very vibrations of your soul’s energetic frequency will be tuned to not one, two or three notes higher, but a full octave higher of the current version of you. Your self-awareness will expand to great new heights, allowing you to shed yourself of bad habits like a past lover, your current weakest relationships, bringing you closer to your true purpose in life. With the gaping existential abyss opening before you, reeling you in with all its force of gravity, you will seriously realize that what you have in you is truly unique to you, and you should never let society change you. Remain true to your core convictions, and Saturn will be sure to test the veracity of your truths, and let go of the things you cannot control. You will grow to realize the energy of the voice inside of you and that the world is fundamentally good, but maybe the voice inside of you has grown so bitter by the injustice, unfairness and cruelty of this human world that you literally get eaten up by mental stress and wish it would all end. Saturn will allow you to take control of your perspective and encourage you to surrender to the things you cannot change, forcing you to learn when to fully surrender, totally give up and in, making you realize that your outlook is your choice. Whether your voice speaks love or hate – to you and others – you will realize that your voice is powerful, and you can only know love if your inner voice first speaks love to you.

Happiness is a choice. Fun is a choice. Injustice is a force beyond you, and your ability to ride the wave and choose happiness and fun will be tested and you will succeed, as you realize that life amounts to nothing. When every human is recognized as a universe unto themselves, which Saturn will teach you by the end of his transit in 2017, you acknowledge that you know a lot, but what you know is wholly overshadowed by what you do not know. Life is a greater mystery than you can perceive and you will accept that what you know amounts to nothing against the entirety of the grandness and splendor of the Universe, yet the whole image of the Universe is housed only within you. The Universe can only exist if you acknowledge it, along with all of the beings on Earth, if you see touch and feel it. You will learn the meaning of life as it reveals itself as being nothing but a dream, as you undergo not a human awakening, but a spiritual awakening in a human world. Your spirituality will expand greatly as wisdom is acquired through heartbreak, loss and end of relationships as the foundation of things from the past that have run their course begin to crumble, leading you to a more efficient you that honors the fact that your time is not forever here, and your spirit has a purpose, and you are meant to live out your purpose.

The Sun, the source of the light and breath of life and the god of personality, ego and generosity, tours your third house of communication. Your third house is ruled by Aquarius, the innovative and forward thinking sign of the zodiac, allowing you a great phase that only celestially comes once a year to fully become at one with your words. The third house of communication is where the integrity of your word is tested against your actions. Your ability to communicate your intention will grow during this phase, since the tests will heighten your sense of purpose, inspiring you to use your words powerfully, genuinely and with love. As the god of generosity, the Sun teaches us that love is the source of generosity, so allow your words to flow with generosity of information, as this is a great time to articulate your motives, purpose, and intentions in life, even becoming at one with your present self, and how you envision your future self.

The month of love begins in the throws of Mercury the god of communication going retrograde, as he stops moving forward and goes backward in the same house of communication with the Sun. Mercury, the poor little guy, has a lot on his small plate and he gets a lot of grief, but if you only knew how much he has to handle! He is the personal assistant to the stars – literally! Like Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, all of the planets, including the Sun! And these are no Hollywood stars, these are the stars that made #stardiva a hashtag to begin with. So no wonder this little guy gets to go on vacation a couple of times a year. He has to sort through the celestial baggage of these big planets that otherwise can’t take care of themselves without him the rest of the time #needymuch. When this guy goes on vacation, the stars above get lost, and as above, so below, so you on Earth have felt a lot of confusion, upheaval and miscommunications in conversations and self-expression. During this time, you have been encouraged to really asses your sense of self and the kind of words you use to portray who you are. You, as the philosophical sign of the zodiac, are also of the fire element, as Sagittarius, the half-man half-horse archer, represents both the primal and intellectual forces of the human being. Human beings are two things – it’s in the name. Human, the primal species; and beings, the ethereal spirit. Right now, as Mercury goes retrograde, he is inviting you to sort through your own baggage regarding these two aspects of yourself, allowing you to purge the stories, the things, the actions, and the words that no longer represent the true spirit within you. When Mercury begins to go forward on Wednesday, February 11, after having reached all the way back to the start of Aquarius, you will feel a sudden uptick in the momentum of your life, as the haziness caused by the stirrings of your understanding of what it means being human for you will be clear, the fog will lift and suddenly the path of life is clear right before you. With Aquarius endowing your path with his forward thinking intellect, you will feel his air element stoking your philosophical fire, allowing you to articulate a newfound sense of passion for your identity, sense of self, and direction in life.

A wonderful sweet-like-honey New Moon will arrive on Wednesday, February 18th, one full week after Mercury is in full swing motion, clearing up with finesse all the disorder he must now bring order to. In fact, he does so because he is in love with the Moon. She is the celestial universal best friend of every being whose life falls under the governance of the Zodiac. She is the goddess of compassion, rebirth, mercy and empathy, the scribe of our emotional lives, and who sheds so many tears as she hears of our sufferings that she makes us believe it was she and not us who suffered – such is the grandness of the Moon’s powers for empathy. Now can you see why Mercury is so in love with her? Who else can understand taking the weight of everyone’s chaos when he goes retrograde, and the anger and cruelty he is subjected to, as all of his blessings and gifts go overlooked and pushed aside because it is so easy to feel entitled to the ease of life Mercury creates and then criticize him for taking rest and going on vacation. No one else but the Moon gives him respite, and he is making sure that your third house is put in order for the Moon’s arrival. Mercury will host the Moon in your third house of communication, allowing them to peer into your soul, and how you have grown in the power of your words. You will feel reborn, dear Sagittarius, after Mercury dances with the Moon, bringing a night of so much clarity, and providing for you a clean slate upon which to develop your emotional, intellectual, and physical well being. It is time to reconnect with the half (wo)man, half horse being that is both primal and spiritual, a human being that is a spiritual species. Your words by the end of the month will be clearly expressed from the perfect being you are already inside.

Your home will be a great source of pleasure and indulgence during the month love, as Venus graces your fourth house of home and relationships with the parental units. Venus is the white forces of peace and the goddess of love, pleasure and indulgence. Her powers arouse in you to make your home the sanctuary from life’s chaos, which for a passionate fire sign that loves not the flamboyance of ostentation but the efficient elegance of simple living means comfort through basics. Venus will help you find the perfect real estate for you if you are looking and even elevating your sense of home-sweet-home by getting repairs fixed, moving things around, bringing in a new scent, or even just cleaning out the closet. Your home will feel reborn by the end of Venus’s transit through your fourth house on Friday, February 20th, arousing great sensorial satisfaction and pleasure as you walk into the space made just for you, by you.

As if the sweetness of the month of love could not ooze any more goodness, Mars, the action planet of the zodiac and god of war, will power and determination, is hand in hand with his celestial lover Venus. The red forces of war by Mars dance wonderfully in your fourth house of home, bringing both the energy and determination needed to fully refresh your home environment. With so many vibrations arousing the energy in your home, there may be so much action you feel as though the list of things that have to get done is simply staggering. That is because Mars is helping you to really pinpoint every small thing that has to get done as his will power brings with it a sense of purpose. Overseeing the changes in your fourth house, as Venus and Mars both work together to totally up-do your home environment as perhaps many of you declare your independence from your parents, or you are a parent and you can finally remodel with the children out of the house, is Neptune, the god of dreams and inspiration who is hovering in your home life for many years to come. Neptune is bringing so much inspiration to your homemaking endeavors that you are realizing a dream home you have long awaited for.

As the month begins, dear Sagittarius, you are going through so many questions that you feel you are literally voyaging through your mind. The Moon on Tuesday, February 3 dawns the cloak of her glorious rays, illuminating the night and bringing great heavenly energy to your mind. Within the dark mysterious void of the night lurks hidden secrets, and upon this night, a long withheld secret within your subconscious will be revealed to you, something that will be expansive in scope of its ramifications on your outlook on life. On this night great mental clarity will arrive as the Moon brings peace of mind. In fact, you have been experiencing a great amount of mental upheaval for the past year as Jupiter, your body guard and god of good fortune, is has been touring your ninth house of mental exploration since last June 2014, to continue until July 2015. Jupiter has been in retrograde, bringing with him the opportunity for you to achieve great mental clarity and peace of mind. Sagittarius is an intense thinker and self-talker. The voice inside of you is so strong and perhaps insatiable and restless that its persistent monologue creates intense stress in you. The gifts of Jupiter in this house are great as your mind will grow in power and finally reach peace of mind by bringing clarity and calm. You needed this Full Moon to unlock all the bountiful gifts Jupiter has in store for you, so open yourself up and allow the mental peace to come in!

The month of love, dear Sagittarius, is one of great transformation at home and in you as you open your wings and begin to create the home you have always wanted. Your idealism will gear you towards living the life you love, and though Saturn will shatter your idealism at times, the forces of the loving planets of the Zodiac, will be there to make sure you are treated to the pleasures and joy that you are nonetheless due. The key to happiness is your authenticity and your convictions to stand for what you believe is right, so be you, dear Sagittarius, the most beautiful you and never let society change you.

xoxo Star Queen

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