Sagittarius Horoscope January 2017

Dear Sagittarius,

Happy New Year! Welcome to renewed self-love in 2017.  This year starts in eerily deja-vu 2016 fashion, but everything is fundamentally changed.  Think back to your goals and aspirations from the start of last year; many will feel similar to this year.  You are definitely wiser, smarter, more traveled and learned, so you can bet on your growth in spite of similarities to last year.  You are on a path for growth, and things which seemed so close but constantly out of reach, will finally be in your grasp.


Mercury seems to never quit going retrograde retracing the exact same degrees he retraced in 2016. He cannot seem to make up his mind in your Palace of Value, from which your monetary and spiritual worth are reigned. You are in the thick of a second Mercury Retrograde in this palace. However, this time, in the middle New Year celebrations, as if there were no worst time!

When Mercury Retrogrades, he physically goes backward in his orbit. His celestial retrace occurs in your Palace of Value, an earth-element palace which looks like the botanical gardens of royalty. As the administrative god to the zodiac, Mercury created a new system to enrich your value system. He re-tilled the soils of your wealth, and he does so again in 2017.  Many of the financial support, money, savings, and pennies earned, which he put in place, did not handle the pressure in 2016, thus his second retrograde in your Palace of Value in 1 year (which hardly ever happens, but will so again – more on that later). Mercury cleans up house as you totally refit your newfound self-confidence because 2016 happened to you.  This time around, you happen to 2017.

The Palace of Value is how you generate an income and in what you invest your soul.  In the second time within a year you totally recalibrate your self-worth. You can choose to invest your time and effort in a different job, for a better paying gig; or, taking your relationship to the next level and getting married. Your personal worth is emphasized in every re-do, to-do, and do-do, Mercury throws you, in self-love, lover(s), bank accounts, and job. You redefine your identity in terms of your job, as it shows your passion and financial means. Your social identity gets impacted as you make changes in your lifestyle, allowing you to secure a long commitment to your new opportunity.  The means by which you support life can improve your quality of life with more money to cover splurges and travel.  A broader field of prosperity opens for you as you are more certain of your ability to earn and create the life you want.

It is a new year, and though you may start with a less than ideal situation with Mercury Retrograde, you have a whole year to set your path straight (or gay, just be free and happy!), and make it ideal! Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury Retrogrades so far back so as to recede in your Palace of Ego to enrich your mind with true self-belief. He seeks to solidify your economic standing and your potential to support your independence. Your renewed value system becomes a part of you, defining your life for the next 27-29 years. The icy god of wisdom, Saturn, is currently retrofitting your sense of self to find your true place on Earth as he visits your Palace of Ego until Dec 19, 2017. Mercury’s retrograde in your sign, Sagittarius, is thus more important to your Ego, as your true calling rings too loud to ignore.  Remain calm, answer the call, and get things done as the changes you desire come.  Mercury and Saturn want to empower your passion for your self-worth to be unapologetically true to you. Look to Jan 9th, to be totally aware of your inner worth and driven to materialize it in your world.

Feel your soul launch into great heights of success when Mercury moves back into your Palace of Value. From Jan 13th – Feb 7th, the value system you rediscover feeds your authenticity.  Your needs and desires are different in 2017, and you come to honest terms with them.  Your wants were highlighted in 2016 as the year went counter-current.  The current changes in 2017 and you pursue your wants with ease, but with wise acknowledgement for your true needs.  You reclaim your power to make an independent living, and you change your material world to reflect your growing independence. A new stream of income, or personal splurge, allows you to feel the financial and spiritual blessings certainly to come in 2017.

The Sun

The Sun showers the gardens of your Palace of Value.  His bright rays revive the flowers of wealth and blessings.  From Dec 22nd – Jan 21st, weeds are uprooted and new seeds are planted.  The job, raise, payout, and rewards you aspired to are alighted.  The Sun helps you strive for your expressed wealth in life and translate it into numbers for your bank accounts.  On Jan 21st, the grounds upon which your personal wealth is based feels strong, solid, most especially, fertile. On the next day, the Sun enters your Palace of Knowledge. From Jan 22nd – Feb 18th, the words to express your newfound self-worth, spiritual blessings and financial power, come like a strong stream of consciousness. Your mind feels revived with your personal wealth.  Your job may require you to put in a little extra study to match your new job or promotion.  An education, a vocational school, creative writing, journaling, and refining your résumé and cover letter, are beneficial opportunities. Your intellect and words are smarter and you communicate your newfound self-worth to others. Others are impressed by the scope of your knowledge, which given the obstacles of 2016, is not some measly theoretical knowledge.  No! This is experience, tears and sweat-drenched knowledge. Proven to survive life, so congratulations, Sagittarius. You can say you are a survivor and your knowledge is not a theory but a certified practice of the survival of the fittest.


The glamour goddess, Venus, makes the start of 2017 ooze with magical intellect.  You can sell yourself to your harshest critic with Venus beautifying your speech.  She tours your Palace of Knowledge from Dec 8th – Jan 4th, and the power of your knowledge is exalted.  You are smart and you know it, your powers to convince others of your opinion are irrefutable.  I hope this horoscope inspires you to feel like a strong go-getter, because all the stars indicate to your strong inner power.  Speak to your own gained wisdom in life by sharing your experiences with others.  If you interview, do so with confidence in your story and professional development. You can gain a new skill or expertise by starting an educational program or receiving admission into a prestigious institution. By Jan 4th, your self-worth turns into a mission to succeed. She helps you enter your new space of thought and intellect with adherence to your irrefutable know-how.  When she enters your Palace of Home from Jan 5th – Feb 4th she makes home ooze with magical upgrades.  She restores harmony in your abode and makes 2017 ripe with family love, childhood nostalgia, and great home upgrades.  You can reflect your newfound riches and gains into your bedroom, living room and bathroom, heck all the rooms! As she makes your home idyllic and connections with family open and honest, you are reminded to take joy in the litter things. This care and attention to the littler things helps you root your self-value into your home.  You build upon your self-love to crreate a better home reality, which you go to with Venus’s eye for beauty.  You can touch base with your mother, especially if you are a first-time parent.  Family and your childhood memories reveal how much they conditioned your truth today. And, vice versa. I hope you are inspired to rekindle love in all your family relations being true to yourself.


Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god of war. In her efforts to beautify home and infuse sweet harmony, Mars forges forward to help you acquire your dream home. He crusades to root your truth into this earth, as Venus harmonizes your world to your truth.  On Jan 28th, Mars begins a phase of transformation to remodel your home.  Everything relating to your home is renovated, from the very walls you call home, to your home life and domesticity.  The foundations change of your home life change physically or spiritually or both. Mars helps you make progress into establishing your independence with a home.  The home will be a strong center for long term gains.  You can sign a lease on a new home, apartment, condo, or even a downpayment. The keys to your ideal home (or renovated home) fall into your hands. Mars is keen on creating a home order from which to launch your survival guide on life.  Your new home routine will be efficient, stimulating, simple and bold. Mars is keen on giving your newfound identity strong roots for continued growth in 2017 and beyond!

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows in your enjoyment and ebbs in your peace of mind. As you take hold of your self-worth, your focus on the littler things render more pleasure. Jan 5th, the Waxing Crescent visit your Palace of Enjoyment, spicing up your life with romance and true love. Rekindle a love, take on a new hobby, find pleasure in your life, and have more care-free moments. Venus and Mercury are both making major moves around this day, as previously mentioned, compounding the impact upon your love life.  Mars will soon visit, as well, pointing to the foreshadowing of the joy, care-free essence and idealism of 2017. Specifically, how you give and receive love.  You are eager to make love and get to explore your fun side on dates. Jupiter, the god of good luck, sits in perfect polarity to the crescent, adding to its power.  He ensures that your social identity is vivacious, with plenty of events, outings, networks, and parties with which to enjoy life. Jupiter ensures the right VIPs are interested in you, which you can meet by attending a social mixer. He also brings the ideal lover to indulge you with pleasure; or rekindles the flame of lust in your tried and true relationship.

The crescent dons her celestial dress of light and on Jan 13th the Full Moon dances into your Palace of Energy.  She continues the waves of lust and pleasure to peak upon this night. Your grown self-worth is firmly established with long-term security.  You secure insurance, an inheritance, an insurance payout like disability, and even a new credit line. The Full Moon hones your pleasures for life to focus on future prosperity. You also enter a romantic or sexual affair that revives your passion for life. This passion ignites your financial drive towards a lucrative future.  If you happen to be retiring, or at the onset of your career with an option for a 401(k), IRA, or other life savings accounts, this Full Moon indicates a next step.

The Full Moon recedes into a Waning Crescent to bring closure to an ugly year, and launch a beautiful new one. On Jan 19th, the Waning Crescent descends upon your Palace of Intuition, where she imparts peace of mind.  You accept the lessons of your life, especially from 2016, and put to rest embitterment and rage. She helps you meditate to heal, reflect to reaffirm, and relax to restore.

The Moon concludes the first month of 2017 with a breakthrough in your self-awareness. The New Moon of Jan 29th, stops by in your Palace of Knowledge and your purpose in life is communicated.  You fully understand your current and future wealth, and the ambition to succeed.  You are a philosophical being with a sensitive outlook on good versus bad.  As the Moon disrobes and goes naked into the night, she bares your inner truth naked. Your mission in 2017 is to live your truth in adherence to a survivalist’s value system; your value system.

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis 

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