Scorpio April 2016

Self Alignment

Scorpio Top Ten Important Dates 2016
Scorpio Top Ten Important Dates 2016
Scorpio Star Chart April 2016
Scorpio Star Chart April 2016

Dear Scorpio, 

April’s spring awakening invites you to deep inner realms.  A group of planets joins the Sun in your 6th House of Wellbeing, impacting how you take care of your needs.  Life is like a breath fresh of air all month.  You are feeling physically revitalized, by simply knowing you are vital.

Balance Vitality

Balancing your vitality is an important topic this month as Venus visits your 6th House of Wellbeing.  From Apr 6th – 29th, you are indulgent in your quest to satisfy your appetite.  Both your tummy and life aspire for greatness, tap into yourself.

As the scorpion queen (or king) of the zodiac, you are independent in your way of being. Your daily routine, how you work, your exercise habits, and your hobbies, all express your individuality.

The New Moon in your 6th House of Wellbeing on Apr 7th, kickstarts the indulgent air of Venus.  A new door is opening for the improvement of your whole being.  You can start upon a new diet, or rehab process to get yourself off an addiction.

Your productivity levels will be high and also languishing at times.  Venus loves to indulge in the fine comforts of life when she is in the 6th House.  She loves to eat, enjoy alcohol, and be merry in the 6th House.  She is a reminder of balancing gratification with moderation.

Take A Stand

Take a stand with Mercury by your side when he enters your 7th House of Marriage for an extended visit from Apr 6th – Jun 12th due to Retrograde action.  Your self-awareness is fluid and you can speak to your terms and conditions.

This is an especially important time to know who you are because others are interested in merging with you.  You are attractive and alluring and thus you must have a sense of what you bring to the table.

The negotiation tables will be turned a bit, but only because you are able to peak into the status of the person(s) interested in merging with you.  When Mercury goes Retrograde, Apr 29th – May 23rd, you will wizen up a lot.

Taking a stand for your worth is crucial for laying out a contract that speaks well to both parties interests. Check your investments and trust the person that you are.  Venus will join Mercury and the Sun in your 7th House of Marriage, from Apr 30th – May 24th

As Mercury Retrogrades, he is going through every little detail of the contract being drawn up.  Venus helps him by ensuring that the terms and conditions are representing and benefiting you.  You can sign contracts now, but it is best to wait if you can.  Many things will come to light and they will have to be weighed.

Wax Your Shell

Scorpio Top Ten Important Dates 2016
Scorpio Top Ten Important Dates 2016

Wax your shell to a shining splendor with the help of the Moon all month.  Starting with the Waxing Half Moon in your 9th House of Purpose on Apr 14th, you get a taste of your expanding world view.  Your world is expanding in new ways which shapes your destiny.

Culminating to the Full Moon in your 1st House of Ego on Apr 22nd, your destiny will speak volumes about your purpose in life.  Your personal rebirth is possible only because it is open to another.

The energy being brewed by Mercury in your 7th House of Marriage is balanced by the Full Moon in your 1st House of Ego.  Merging who you are with that of another is truly possible.  You know yourself well enough to draw limits and encourage compromise.

A lot of this energy may be fully centered around the home.  The Waning Half Moon in your 4th House of Home on Apr 29th,  energizes the domestic environment of your life.  Opening your heart to others may begin at home and outlook on motherhood.

Family is a strong lunar theme this month as you discover new truths about yourself.  Your destiny is slowly unfolding as your worldview expands.  The expansion is as much outward as inward, as the Moon arouses deep inner emotions.  Those emotions can have links to your significant other, and the domestic home life you want to create.  Trust in your protective qualities to provide an enriching home life for your future family.

Refine Your Assets

Mars helps you refine your assets this month as he goes Retrograde Apr 18th – Jun 29th in your 2nd House of Money.  The pursuit of your passions are justifiable as long as they give back worth.

The value of money confronts you with force.  You are finding as much value in the small tokens of appreciations from others.  The invisible blessings, you start to see, carry as much worth as expensive material objects.

Saturn continues his lessons on money as he is Retrograde also in your 2nd House of Money.  You are being stripped of many layers of your shell.  The insecurities are being thrown aside, and you are able to stand firm in your self.  Love who you are so sincerely and fully that you allow your true self to shine.  That shine is priceless.  Do not down sell your soul!

Love you, dear Scorpio, till the end of time!


Star Queen

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