Scorpio February 2015

My dearest Scorpio,

You are the lone warrior of the zodiac, and though a fierce warrior perfectly emblematic of the Scorpion, you are a tender-fleshed soul with a hard exterior keeping you safe and protected from total annihilation out in the world. You trust no one as much as you trust yourself and your independence of spirit has had to overcome earth-shattering struggles from tests that questioned you to the very essence of your soul. Scorpio is careful about sharing the soul inside of them for the tenderness of your soul is so thorough that when your shell breaks, the very essence of your soul escapes. Lessons from the past have cracked your shell right open, making you aware of your own sensitivity and urging you to make yourself stronger than you ever were before. There where your shell breaks you are strongest, and many of you are fortified forts of strength and power. A strong-willed person, you have energy reserves that are endless, which allow you to fully complete any task and set standards everyone else is measured up to by the time your work is done.

The Universe wants you to be happy, dear Scorpio, even though the tests of the past couple of years have quite totally brought about an entirely new life and wholly transformed you. You housed Saturn from October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014 in your first house of self-identity. Everything about you, from the integrity of your words to the reason that you wake up everyday, have been challenged by Saturn, the disciplinarian and task master planet of the zodiac and god of wisdom. There has been no rest with this guy peering into every aspect of your life every damn second. He has thrown challenges at you by making it almost impossible to form long lasting romantic and professional relationships because he has made you keenly aware of just how self-unaware you actually are at the start of the transit. At the onset of Saturn’s visit in your house of self, he looked at you and laughed at your sense of self, as his eyes only saw an egotistical little petulant child. He questioned your belief systems from your childhood and demanded you to seriously analyze what you were committing yourself to: a fantasy based on the words and lessons of others that forced you to recite the correct response to conform. Or, were you a person fully aware of the reality of your life, accepting it as your one and only chance to be you, and no one could justifiably keep you from you being the most beautiful you, so why give a shit about what anyone thinks ever? Many of you realized that you were living a total lie, an inauthentic self that conformed to the ideas and notions others had of you. Others were trying to control you, fit you in a box and tell you what you should do and the life that you should be living, but Saturn’s test made you question all of that and made you go through experiences that were quite literally ego-shattering. Your ego was shattered and at some point through Saturn’s phase in your first house of self identity you uttered to yourself, “I’m alone. I have no one else to count on.” And rather than allowing yourself to be totally destroyed, you stood up and found the optimism in that statement. You are alone and you have no one else to count on, so you are free, independent and empowered to be whoever you want to be. Many of you realized that some relationships, primarily the one with your father, has had to be questioned and even distanced, as Saturn represents our father and the restrictions the lessons of their times have on our lives in the present moment, keeping you from fully living the life you are meant to live. You could no longer allow another authority beyond the one outside of you and your soul to tell you how you should live your life and whom you should be. Outright and direct conflicts with authority and parental figures culminated to the establishment of your own independence, allowing you to stand on your own two feet and taking accountability for the success and outcome of your life.

You are arrived to a you that is wholly transformed after being freed from the oppressive grips of authority figures that did not trust you, and ultimately kept you from trusting you. You are now fully at one with your true you and the Universe graciously brings the opportunities, the people, and the love that you have long needed to fully enjoy the blessings of living the life you love, by first engendering love for the person you are inside.

As Saturn exits your first house of self-identity and enters your second house of money from December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017, you will continue to grow and confidently state your own self worth, as salaries and bonuses become direct reflections of your reliable work ethic and follow through, and it becomes apparent to you and everyone – you should ask for more. This is the house where you can take all of the lessons you have gained and the wisdom you have acquired about living an authentic life from your first house of self, and bringing forth your inner light to your career and passion! With Saturn now directing his scrutinizing gaze to your money, he is encouraging you to purge yourself of the expenses of your life that are keeping you from fully enjoying prosperity in the future. Your finances will begin to steadily grow. If you are currently unemployed or hope to grow further within your company, you will be able to solidify your stream of income and begin to manage your financial prosperity. This is the house that allows you to think powerfully about what money means to you, and how valuable you see yourself as a soul. Many of you will realize that though money is a means to an end, like survival, money is also closely tied to your soul. Saturn is urging you to realize that your soul’s sense of happiness relies on its ability to do fulfilling work. Whether at work, literally, or in a creative endeavor, or pursuing your passion, the soul seeks fulfillment, and money is a way towards that, especially for you, the investment savvy Scorpio who is naturally conservative with their spending. With Saturn, you may experience the hardships of not having enough money and realizing that you have to put a lot of sweat and tears to attain the life you want, and if you are going wrong about it, Saturn will be sure to make you clearly aware of that. At the end of this transit, you will feel that the choices you made and are making are clearly choices that elevate the quality of your life from mediocrity to greatness, and the life you love can come from earning money doing what you love. You will be master of your finances and after many hardships you will be able to look upon the foundation you created for your current financial happiness and your future economic prosperity, and smile!

The Sun, the god of personality, ego and generosity tours your fourth house of home life and parental relationships until Wednesday, February 18. During this transit you enjoy the blessings of the Sun’s rays illuminating your home life, bringing a lot of comfort and clarity at home and inspiring a newfound sense of appreciation for the home you had while growing up, given to you by your parents. With the Sun visiting your home, you feel a newfound sense of energy as you go about establishing the feel and ambiance you desire for you sanctuary away from the world’s chaos. This is a great time for finding the ideal home or apartment in your new city or real estate landing, and finding all of the essential furnishings to create in your home that irreplaceable feeling of home. Now is the time to nestle up with your wish list and begin to create the home life that you now have before you (or will soon enough).

Mercury, the god of communication, tours the same house of home life, and this little guy has been retrograde – which means he has been orbiting backwards rather than forward. Mercury, the poor little guy, has a lot on his small plate and he gets a lot of grief, but if you only knew how much he has to handle! He is the personal assistant to the stars – literally! Like Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, all of the planets, including the Sun! And these are no Hollywood stars, these are the stars that made #diva a hashtag to begin with. So no wonder this little guy gets to go on vacation a couple of times a year. He has to sort through the celestial baggage of these big planets that otherwise can’t take care of themselves without him the rest of the time #needymuch. When this guy goes on vacation, the stars above get lost, and as above, so below, so you on Earth have felt a lot of confusion, upheaval and miscommunications as you tried to sort our your home life. No worries, though, the Sun is out to make sure that your home life is a resounding yes for your personality and unique sense of self. Though Mercury went into retrograde, draining you of so much necessary energy you so crucially needed right now in this juncture of your life when you are re-creating your home, you were purging yourself of the things that you no longer need. During this transit, when you need Mercury most, you unknowingly start to clear yourself of all the things that once meant “home” to you, but immediately lose all sense of rhyme or reason. Some things are better left in the past and discarded, and you have purged yourself of so much in your home, like even your old home, and acquired, or are in the talks of acquiring, a new place for you. On Wednesday, February 11, at the point where you feel that you just can’t take anymore of Mercury’s disturbances in moving your home life forward in the direction you needed to go, Mercury finally goes direct, and in a snap, doors start to open and life starts to feel more agreeable. With Mercury in the full swing of things the rest of the month, you will feel so empowered in making yourself feel certain that you made the right choices and your home life is simply, undeniably geared towards perfect.

A beautiful celestial punctuation is added to all of this great growth and forward momentum in your home life when the Moon, your celestial counterpart and best friend, sheds her cloak of light and goes bare into the mysterious dark void of the night, opening new doors of possibility. On Wednesday, February 18, you will see so many issues from the past few weeks, months, years even, finally get resolved when the Moon sheds her monthly skin to undergo her mysterious monthly rebirth. Her rebirth this month occurs in your fourth house of home life where all of the great gifts have already been showering upon you with the Sun’s and Mercury’s visits! They help set into motion what the Moon will now aid, as her powers are proven in her ability to open doors long kept closed to you! She opens the doors to a whole new realm of possibility in your home, where your emotional self can fully thrive, not just survive, because surviving is primal and necessary, and thriving is graceful and elegant. To feel graceful and elegant, you, my dear Scorpio, must feel your emotional life as satisfied as your physical and intellectual parts. Open the doors of your home to the New Moon arriving on the 18th and feel the miraculous arrival of stability, peace and love.

Dear Scorpio, I know that life has not been easy and at times you were pushed to your breaking point, but trust me when I tell you the month of love is sure to sweep you off your feet and make you believe more ardently than ever in love songs! Venus, the goddess of love, pleasure and peace graces your fifth house of true love, fun and children. During this phase until Friday, February 20th, Venus will arouse your sensitivity to romance and passion, awakening in you the fantasies of love and pleasure you imagined growing up and now Venus is endowing you with all the charm and sincerity to reel your lover in! February will turn out to be a vacation (or staycation in bed) away from all of the stress of the past few years, enticing you to look at the brighter side of life. Breathe in fully and truly soak in all of the wondrous gifts of love that Venus will be showering upon you! The fifth house of love is also the house of our idealism and hopes, and the Universe, dear Scorpio, is reminding you to have fun. Yes, Saturn has tested you so much that he so fundamentally transformed you from the cellular level up to the frequency you radiate out to the Universe, so you have experienced a lot of stress, growth and change. Through those stressful tests you attained the wisdom that only comes from experience, not books, and for the month of February the Universe is setting up your skies to make you believe in fairy tales once again.

There is no one better with whom Venus can blend her white forces of peace than with Mars, the god of war, ego and power, whose red forces of war fulfill the peaceful forces of Venus. Mars also energizes your fifth house of love until Thursday, February 19th, bringing confidence and the allure of power to the eyes of your lover. During this transit, Mars brings about the will power to make you believe that making fantasies come true is easy, and that dreams are not hard to make reality. Mars has a never-ending well of energy, will power and determination and when he enters a house, he brings with him all that force to make even the highest mountain a little day’s hike. You are sure to attract a lot of attention and power, and just sweaty hot irresistibleness, as Mars makes you have fun with so much finesse you are the essence of suave. And yes, it does not stop there. Neptune, the god of dreams and inspiration, is hosting this wonderful celestial duo, blending in wonderful harmony the vibrations of Venus and Mars, allowing them to cohabitate in your house of love with nothing but pleasure, fun, fantasy and downright sensorial satisfaction.

And yes, it does not stop there! (Cue Oprah voice) For the past year you have housed the beneficent Jupiter, your celestial body guard and god of good fortune, in your tenth house of career achievements and honors. From June 2014 to July 2015, you have discovered the satisfaction of a rewarding and engaging career path. Though, having been retrograde (again, what is up with these planets going backwards!), Jupiter has been bringing some challenges to test just how bad you want to succeed, and if you even wanted to succeed in your current career, or transition into another one that is more fulfilling. No matter where you are in your career development, Jupiter is bringing the possibilities for you to not only have fun and success at work, but you will finally get to reap the rewards of a fulfilling career path. On Tuesday, February 3, the Moon dawns her glorious rays that drip like sweet honey, on your house of career, showering you with so much love and recognition from VIPs and higher ups! You needed this full Moon set to arrive on the 3rd to unlock all of the gifts of the tenth house and open you up to all your career rewards from the bountiful, Jupiter. You may even realize a long-held career aspiration, and with the beautiful energy on this night, the Universe encourages you to not lose faith and know that you deserve to be recognized for all of your hard work. Only you know how much you have worked and how much you have cried and sacrificed to make your career goals come true, and only you know what they are, so take a leap for joy at some point this month, dear Scorpio. You are headed in the right direction and this month will prove it to you!

February will be a breath of fresh air for you, dear Scorpio, since housing Saturn, the tough task master planet in your first house of self-identity, literally revealed a gaping existential hole that rocked you to your core, changing you ultimately in the frequency that vibrates from your soul. You are more authentic and genuine now as you are learning not only of your unique sense of self, but you confidently assert your self worth and the Universe finally agrees. Your home will become the abode you have wanted, and if not engaged already, or if you are single, the month of love has many goodies in store, all I have to say is just watch out for overindulgence. Oh who the eff am I kidding, Venus is the queen of indulge and she is in her favorite fifth house of love. So, undo the cufflinks (or bring them out), this month is all for you, dear Scorpio!

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