Scorpio November Horoscope 2016

Dear Scorpio,

The focus of November is your fragile interior protected by a fortified outer shell. You understand the essence of your soul down to the very penny. You paradoxically discover all the pennies combined misrepresent your soul’s priceless worth. The principles by which you carve your character ethics are evident: money and love with great wealth of quantity and quality. The lone-warrior Scorpio’s love is limited to whom and how much. Thus, your love feels heavenly rare to whom it is given. Planets at play amongst your stars reveal beneath your thick shell is a scorpionic soul of fearless authenticity.

Birthday season ends on Nov 21st when the Sun punctuates your personality.  Your desires are fruits ripe for your taking, falling in your personal gravitas.  On Nov 12th, Mercury gives you the words to self-express your identity. Watch November’s horoscope video:!  The fruits of your accomplishments and goals are ripe, and you are ready to embark upon new ones. The wounds you healed, and the lessons you learned, shine in your soul as wise strength.

The Sun implements your personality into practice to generate financial and spiritual security. Fierce independence drives your scorpionic soul to face attacks and threats fearless. On Nov 22nd, a month-long solar radiance fertilizes your soils of spirit and finance to maximum potential. The divide between your realms of spirit and money are bridged on Nov 13th by Mercury. The communicator Mercury outlines how your spirit is alchemical; for example, you can earn money that procures fulfillment.  He reveals the world outside of your shell is the wealth of your soul materialized.

The Full Moon of Nov 14th bespeaks your shell of amor’s splendor.  Her celestial radiance showcases your being’s calculated worth at a crucial time.  The lens through which you see the world, as opposed to the world within or without you, is where insecurities arise. The lens itself works perfectly, but years of accumulated grimy insecurities stain your potential, abilities and worth. Share your comments at under the Horoscopes link, click on your sign. Can I do anything for you to navigate this moon? Profound consequences take form in the estimation of your own self-confidence. The Full Moon cleans the lens through which you perceive reality, allowing you to see yourself as irreplaceably priceless.  Calculate in honest terms your worth and splendor as others seek to capitalize upon you – romantically or professionally. Treat yourself as a valuable commodity at auction for the bidder who calculates your worth better than right.

Your domesticity and home roots, due to the Waxing Half Moon of Nov 7th, materialize improvements. She teases your home life, valuables and belongings with a powerful force of transformation. The accomplice, revolutionary Mars, discovers a home that aches for a total makeover.  Mars’s strategizes a renovation of your home to foster more life. Memories linked to your mother spark your maternal urges to action. In fact, Mars connects her as a theme or player on Nov 10th, from which a new definition of motherhood is inspired. The influence of Mars attracts you to the qualities of motherhood and a stable home. You are driven to complete the routine tasks that promote a responsible home lifestyle. 

Your role in society upgrades on the Waning Half Moon of Nov 21st through your recalculated worth. The person you were that brought you to today is no longer relevant to the needs of today.  Thus, the person slowly emerging now is a response to outgrown modes of being.  You are ready to polish your armored shell to reflect the wondrous soul inside.

Profit from accomplishments and goals attained in the past to progress forward.  Mercury helps you harness the talent and well of potential to generate a new source of income.  He sets the stage for a conglomerate of 5 power planets: the Sun and New Moon, himself, Saturn, and Venus.  They formulate an equation of self love derived from your dearest possessions to your immaterial blessings.

Orchestrating the ensemble of transformation is Saturn, the icy taskmaster planet.  His strict treatment on life imposes a regimen in controlling expenses, costs and profits.  From Dec 2015 – Dec 2017, strap your bootlaces for the tough work demanded of you.  Want your star reads by me? Here’s your chance! Tweet me @starqueenadonis for the luck of the draw! The greater responsibilities you shoulder in life require great sacrifices of time, and investments of energy.  Saturn is pulling the rug from under you at times, however, you learn how to be increasingly independent.  He teaches a sense of priceless self-worth as you pay your own bills, earn a living, and stand on your own two feet.

The gracious Venus buffers his strict lessons on true value. On Nov 11th, she validates your hard work and sacrifice with a paycheck or spiritual blessing.  The search for beauty motivates Venus to love. Creating happiness in others motivates, for example, my Star Queen youtube channel. What motivates you? She inspires you to generate business through fearless enterprise that procures financial and emotional fulfillment. Fiery passion dissolves the insecurities in the way of money, as it focuses on long-term security and independence.

Open a credit line, talk to a banker, get your accounts squared away, and see hope for a future filled with prosperity on the New Moon of Nov 29th. This is your personal blank check upon which you can write any number of significance and value to you.  Did you know the New Moon in Sagittarius (half horse and man) balances our primal and  sophisticated urges? Do you agree? This number should represent a measurable goal for which your pursuit will bring more satisfaction.  The New Moon helps you translate these aspirations into clear goals and definable numbers, by which you can measure your progress. The scorpionic splendor of your soul and shell are destined to shine an irreplaceable love. Thank you for reading! What did you think? How I can I improve? Go to my Facebook page and share.

Love you till the end of time,


Star Queen Adonis

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