Taurus February 2015

Taurus, my soul companion, my dear Taurus friend,

It is to you I write with particular affectation, for I feel you will know like no other on Earth what it has been like for the past three years for me (and I, you). Let me share some lil deets about myself. I am a Solar and Rising Taurus and a Lunar Sagittarian. Like many of you who share the special trait of being a double Taurus, we have been through perhaps the three toughest years of our lives.

We housed Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac and god of wisdom, in our seventh house of relationships with others, ruled by Scorpio. Saturn, the planet, graced his presence in the constellation of Scorpio from October 5, 2012-December 23, 2014. His presence in this house carries the weight of many losses, where relationships we thought would last forever came to an end, many times in a harrowing and traumatic end. My dog, Napoleon, the love of my life and light of my soul, was diagnosed with terminal cancer on Tuesday, October 13, 2012 and died two months later on December 16, 2012.

Saturn is stern in the deliverance of his teachings because his only tool to fashion you is your life – the life you choose. The Universe wants nothing more than the fulfillment of our soul’s destiny. To reach such an end the Universe endows all life, from cellular organisms to dolphins, with the right to choose the lives they want. The hardest lesson has been realizing how you were a perpetrator of someone, or something else’s, right to be happy and fully self-expressed. This house – the house that governs our relationships with others, is more appropriately titled the mirror to one’s soul. Under Saturn you have felt your soul reflected in another, and found love, maybe even marriage. Many of you lost a solid relationship that overnight crumbled and came to a desolating end that left you whirling and utterly lost. In this instance you have come back to yourself, and reformed that greatest alliance that precedes all healthy relationships with others: a loving relationship with yourself.

The seventh house is right opposite our first house of self-identity (much like 7 o’clock and 1 o’clock are right opposite each other on a clock face), and having Saturn stand directly in front of us, opposing us and making us fall, constantly throwing in our pathways obstacles and bumps that tested us, many of us had no where else to go but confront the entirety of life head on. Saturn forces us to gain wisdom from the experiential tests of life he puts before us. The greatest lesson he teaches you is you choose the life you want and the relationships that either nurture your growth and development, or limit and stifle you.

You have learned a great deal of your own self-worth. You stared in the mirror of life reflected on the faces that see you and that you see back on others. You learned so much about your limits and boundaries, and what you will or will not concede to others, because at the core Saturn scrutinized your convictions and your idealisms. Maybe you are not as perfect as you think when all Saturn let’s you do is look at yourself reflected in the faces of others – and how are you looking at yourself through the eyes of others? Are their faces just a reflection to the face you put on for them to see? Saturn broke the ideals you held in the ending of relationships that ran their purpose. Grief is a natural product of the end of relationships because it is like a death, a soulful loss penetrating in its finality. No matter the test, Saturn has totally annihilated the weakest links amongst your relationships with others, and you carry a keen sense of self and core identity, and you are more authentic with yourself and others – no matter the mirror.

Saturn’s lesson: Authenticity is the alchemist’s secret. A true sense of authenticity shines forth from the inner sanctum of the soul’s source of light. The soul in you is wonderfully imaginative and romantic, so no wonder idealism is your guiding essence. In your heart you are a wonderful creature of art, wine, culture and romance. In your mind you are deeply analytical and love paying witness to the majesty of nature! A creature of material comforts down to the core, you have felt moments of great isolation and grief, and great growth and self-love in the past three years. You are deeper in love with your inner sense of self and immense conviction, and life is aware of that. You have withstood Saturn’s tests, and dammit, you made it! The light at the end of the tunnel is here. Ever since December 21, 2014, you have said goodbye to Saturn in your seventh house, not to come back for another 29 years! Until December 19, 2017, you can enjoy the brighter side of life as Saturn is gloriously exiting the seventh house of relationships with others to enter the eighth house of credit.

You can now enjoy a greater sense of earning power, my dear Taurus. Saturn has completely entered the second hemi-sphere of your chart (your 7th-12th houses), which represents the half of your sense of self completed by others. The first hemisphere governs your sense of self fulfilled by your ego. You are venturing on a great journey of employment where you can feel confident about your earning abilities with Saturn in your eighth house. You have come to appreciate the quality of genuine motives in others by uncovering your own genuine authentic self. With Saturn entering your eighth house you will enjoy creating a solid foundation for financial growth now and the future. Many debts accumulated from Saturn’s transit through your first hemisphere will get paid off with Saturn’s presence. You will become conservative in your spending, perhaps establishing a retirement account and investing wisely – remember, Saturn will make sure you choose wisely – in the stock market.

Things are greatly looking up for you, dear Taurus, so enjoy the newfound sense of identity! You are stronger in your convictions about what you want from your life and your relationships with others. Contracts, mergers and marriages are redefined as you now have a deeper understanding of their meanings in your life. You are a catch, dear Taurus, and before you know it, you will believe it!

As if by magic – or rather, miracles, since they are the choice of the Universe – your career is gearing itself towards its true destiny. You are a sign of great passion Taurus, and your career needs to reflect that. Do not limit yourself to the current reality, and get in touch with the limitless possibilities of life that you can only receive if you are open to the ideal choice that is right for you. Both the Sun and Mercury will glide through your tenth house of career achievements and honors.

The Sun’s illuminating light breathes new life to your tenth house of career. You have received a lot of attention from VIPs for the past couple of weeks, and though their attention may have been jarring, you will come through with great recognition for all of your hard work. In fact, you have been so hard at work for the past couple of years, and though you thought the day would never arrive, you are finally under the light of achievement and honors. Your diligence is about to be recognized and, best of all, it is recognition for a project so dear and special to you, which has been in the works for as long as only you know. On the sweeter side, you get the honors and recognition for all this hard work. All of this energy will culminate with the New Moon to arrive on Wednesday, February 18, when the Sun and Moon will dance together in your tenth house, showering you with glorious job and career love! On this date, the Moon will shed its cloak and go bare as black as the void of night into the mystery of its monthly rebirth. The Moon is opening the doors to a new career reality, Taurus, a career that brings satisfaction and fulfillment to your goals and aspirations. What’s more, Mercury, the little planet with a lot on his plate, will have come out of retrograde for one full week by the time of the New Moon.

Poor Mercury gets a lot of grief, but if you only knew how much this little guy controls! He is the PA (the private assistant) to the stars – literally! His clients are none other than the Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mars, all of the planets. And these stars are no Hollywood stars, these are celestial gods that made #diva a hashtag to begin with. Their baggage is Mercury’s to sort, and he is trusted, he has the sandals endowed with wings of speed #duh! So no wonder he gets to go on vacation four times a year, he has to re-boot!

When he goes on vacation, though, things go haywire in the skies – and as above, so below – so we’ve been going haywire down here on Earth, as well. Luckily he will stop going retrograde and come back from his vacation fully restored on Sunday, February 11. By Monday, February 12, you will feel respite from the Monday Blues of old, and sing a new hopeful tune.

Mercury going on vacation in your tenth house does not sound fun, and no, you’re right. It sucks. Mercury could have affected you in you getting sick and missing a couple of days of productivity and work, and play – thank you flu season #notjustkidding. Yet, all is not lost. When Mercury goes retrograde we get a second chance to visit things from the past and bring them to fruition. A job offer may have come back to you as if straight out of a page from the past, and it could have gone in one of countless ways. More than anything, however, this job was offered with terms and conditions you would have taken back then, but not today. Or, this time around you did not have to prove yourself to the VIPs and you were vetted for this job specifically for past work done in the field. Neptune, the ruler of our dreams, was cuddled up close with Mercury during this phase, so there may have been a lot of haziness and uncertainty. Your career outlook may have felt as though wrapped up in the haziness of dreams, job offers from work done or connections made in the past, but all of that is to test what you take with you beyond the fog and in the clarity of your ideal career dreams and vision for the future (not the past). Thus, you will arrive to a space of clarity about your future career goals and vision. When Mercury goes direct, you will see the momentum and progression you have long desired in your career sector, dear Taurus.

The month of February will prove very social for you, dear Taurus, as Venus the goddess of love will be touring through your eleventh house of dreams that come true and social gatherings! Now is the time to meditate on that one special request you may have of the Universe. Only you know what you have been wanting most, so ask of Venus what you want, as she is illuminating your house of dreams that come true, to shower you with her miracles. With her presence in this house, you will be the charming guest that steals everyone’s attention. Venus graces you with the spotlight of an audience and you will be sure to shine!

Venus is to peace as Mars is to war, and their cosmic interplay as they dance together moving as one through the night sky, will bring even more energy to your eleventh house. Now is really the time to open yourself to the rewards that you have long been awaiting, but wondered patiently if you would ever get. Mars is energizing your dreams to bring them to fruition. Though, I warn, Mars is also the god of ego, so be sure to ask Venus for help in keeping Mars in check. Your appeal to others will increase at this time as life would seem to – and it definitely will be – favoring you with all its miracles and gifts. Remain humble and preserve an attitude of gratitude, being weary to entitlement, and you will realize you made it because you kept your head down and persevered!

The celestial interplay of Mars and Venus occurs in the spotlight of Neptune’s dance floor, elevating this too-good-to-be-true gift of life to pure miraculous joy! Neptune is the planet of ideals and inspiration. You have long been hard at work on a project so dear and so personal to you, dear Taurus, that the culmination of your sweat and tears in honors and rewards for a career achievement you have only dreamed of is nothing less than a transformational turning point in your life. You are bound to transform by stepping into the career that you choose and chooses your authentic self back!

I would be remiss to not mention the sweet-like-honey drippings February starts off with: a glorious Full Moon on Tuesday, February 3. On this night, the Moon, our emotional confidante and scribe of our sentimental lives, will shine her radiant glory in your fourth house of home and parental relationships. Jupiter, your big celestial body guard and god of good fortune, has been touring this same fourth house since June of last year. A lot has been happening close to home, like right at the core. You may have seen some remodeling, a new roommate, or welcomed back someone that once left the house and returned. Your home has experienced a lot of transformation and hardly looks the same to what it was just a few months ago. There are more changes to come – for the better, of course – but now you have what you have been needing in order to take full advantage of everything the fourth house has to offer: the Full Moon. The changes that have been occurring close to home are changes that have accumulated over time but could never get completed until now. Essentially, the changes are changes that have had to happen for the future-geared growth to now happen. Many Taurus will see themselves moving into new homes, but first the current home had to change so resolution, fulfillment and closure could be reached, and the new one in the future can then be embraced. On the Full Moon, there will be completion and you have up until the arrival of the Full Moon to get more transformations started – not to say there won’t be more manifestations to come in the couple months. There are things that are still being set in motion now that will arise later, so though the Full Moon marks the end of the transformations, new wheels will just start rolling up to that point, and roll out until their path has been fully unfolded well beyond into June and July!

Keep your eyes to the future, dear Taurus! Life is shaping up to be what you have (always) dreamed it to be!


Adonis Star Queen

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