Taurus Horoscope January 2017

Dear Taurus,

Happy New Year! Welcome to the start of a whole new search for purpose. Last year, you focused on finding truth: in love and money. Many of us (yes, I am a fellow Taurus) fell in love for the first time, or felt like all prior “love” was but a clichéd Hallmark card.  The real thing breaks walls you never knew surrounded your heart,  which makes love feel true at long last. By now, you fashioned a way of life that supports your basic daily habits. By mid-year, your routine will involve a healthy balance of love, money and security.


Mercury hones your focus in on a search for a purposeful life.  His Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations  -as if there were no worst time! – resets your outlook on meaning and truth.

When Mercury retrogrades, he physically goes backward in his orbit.  His celestial retrace occurs in your Palace of Purpose. You come to learn purpose is created as you accept responsibility for failed dreams. One can fall into the trap to play victim, but 2016 required survivors to tread its course. No one except you can accept your failures of 2016 and successes. 

So many successes came through intense breakdowns due to Mercury Retrogrades in your Palaces of Ego in birthday season (read here for what happened), and again in your Palace of Enjoyment (late summer, when many changed jobs, directions, focus, and learned to just enjoy life).  Many breakdowns came as you chose to walk away from a dream as its impossibility  overwhelmed you; or, you left a situation for what you saw as greener pastures to realize you misjudged.  In fact, many seemingly luscious green pastures required hard and dedicated work from earth-bound Taurus.  Mercury demanded you do it all by hand.  You had to stick your pointy horns into the hardened soil to till it, then with your own nutrient-rich shit (figuratively speaking, of course) fertilize it. Some opportunities promised a lot of wealth, but the amount of sacrifice seemed disproportionate, or not worth doing over what you dream of doing – and being paid to do. The retrogrades teach you that in spite of being unable to control life, it is possible to enjoy it and be true to yourself. And no one but you can make it possible. You got this, Taurus, 2017 will be less about forging new ground, and just conquering that ground.

Mercury in December threw hissy fits in his retrograde because he is a staunch perfectionist. He already visited, and went Retrograde, in your Palace of Career Jan 7th – 16, 2016; so this is your second wild ride in your search for meaning. At that point in your life, your purpose was in a critical turning point; when you were less definite about your path.  Mercury left your Palace of Purpose in a weak order, which could not withstand the stress of 2017. But you know, things happen and what once looked so terrible and awful, today feels long forgotten.  You actively moved your life closer to true happiness as your Purpose came crumbling down, hiding deep inside your true purpose.

It is a new year, and though you start with a less than ideal situation, with Mercury back in your Palace of Purpose in retrograde, you have a whole new year to set your path in the right direction and make it ideal.  Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury takes you back to memory lane.  Connections from the past may resurface in connection to past dream goals: in career, passion, hobby, spirituality, home, money and relationships. You may go back to the dreams from two years ago, and realize it is now or never.  If your unemployed, lost, scared or frightened, it is because you are meant to begin with nothing.  This is one of those times when having nothing, opens up everything.

The light of hope peaks at the end of the retrograde tunnel Jan 13th – Feb 7th.  For all the fear Mercury’s Retrograde can arouse, there is as much hope and optimism to be found.  You look ahead with less anxiety about your future.  A fork in the path shows you there is more than one way to be happy for you, however, as they both reveal your ultimate truth.  The fork is another of Mercury’s lessons that life is uncontrollable, but you navigate your destiny. Choose to continue on your current path to become a master, doctor, or expert. Or choose to start fresh and step on a whole new path; like, your ideal life path.

Prior to the fork on the road is Jan 9th, when Mercury ends his retrograde and moves forward.  His direct motion re-vitalizes security as it is a cornerstone to your Taurus identity.  The icy teacher of wisdom, Saturn,  pressures your energy reserves.  Mercury tours so far back to your Palace of Energy, Jan 5th – 12th, where Saturn is teaching you how being authentic about your needs in sex and money can empower you.  If your dream life requires you to walk a path unknown or deemed the wrong choice by those closest to you, who cares?  That dream life is waiting for you, not them.

As you can attest for yourself, your dream life will not just fall on your lap.  Your goals and dreams from two years ago were going to fail if you continuously neglected them.  Mercury’s hissy fits in your Palace of Career are a response to your frustrated authenticity and the work you have to put in, in order to live the life you want.  By Feb 7th, Mercury leaves you certain about your security, stability and prosperity on your road of life. Your dream life awaits!


The Sun shines bright upon your future so you can make powerful choices to be happy.  He tours your Palace of Purpose, Dec 22nd – Jan 21st, and activates many of Mercury’s changes.  He energizes your inner truth to be connect with the greater truth in the world. This allows you to unite your sense of self with your purpose in the world.  On Jan 21st, he builds upon this momentum to generate sweeping success.  Once you are past Mercury’s aforementioned fork on the road,  the Sun shins upon our skill set and talents.  Their use is needed by people who may be looking just for you.  By Feb 8th,  a dream job, goal, career aspiration, honor, or award, will come and fill you with proud accomplishment.


Your girl and very own ruler, Miss Venus Divine, got your back as you get it while the getting’s good. She loves to dote on her precious earthy bull, so you are in luck for great career praise and promises. Especially as you are trimming the excess stress from insufferable work, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, roommates, money issues, and debt, etc.  She knows the struggle is real as you, her bull, make your own way in life.

After her rose-tinted glasses brought a new hope and direction, Venus wants to spice up your network.  She enters your Palace of Community on Jan 5th, as you explore your new life like a social butterfly.  She upticks your innate charm, which you can use to find the perfect club, group or network to beautify your life.

In recent weeks, your social life has taken new shape.  You are meeting new faces and personas, but find their shared interests familiar enough to forge new connections.  These connections help you expand your network socially, professionally and with a sense of meaning.  Thankfully, Venus is helping you stay in touch with the world to validate your purpose in life.

Throughout much of her transit in your social life, Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god of war.  She will inspire intimacy in new relationships and connections being formed.  With Mercury toying with your sense of purpose, It will be nice to know, the celestial lovers will work in tandem to break new ground, and plant new seeds.  They will help you forget the petty issues and focus on what is vital. Venus’s rose-tinted glasses color society with your interests and passions, which allows you to find others who share your views and ideas.  Tap into your business savvy mind to understand how markets work, what the public opines, and find strength of self in numbers.  Your self-esteem is a gateway to these like-minded individuals, who understand you and help you better understand the world. By Feb 3rd, you will have amassed a positive name for yourself.  Venus will ensure your good reputation lauds you into your dream role in society.


Mars launches a social crusade into your ideal community, as he visits your Palace of Community.  For example, if this is your first time reading a horoscope, it is one way of seeing the global community at large.  Mars tears down walls of separation, to re-establish your identity in society from within your truth.  In our increasingly inter-connected world, these social connections can take physical or cyber form. Nevertheless, your touch on others (and they you) is powerful and memorable. On Jan 28th, Mars delivers a title or role through which your service and commitment to your community  are acknowledged.  On the following day, Jan 29th, Mars continues to tear your social walls down when he enters your Palace of Intuition.  He intends to keep emerging your new social identity from your inner truth, so after a revitalized social network you can feel empowered.  As Mars renders you open, others look into the real you, but the vulnerability inspires them to trust your heart, judgment and guidance.  He energizes your drive to be more authentic, strong and fierce! Again, Saturn pressures you to be authentic about your needs in sex and money. Come February, the month of love, Mars gives you mental strength to keep living this life for you.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows through your intuition, and ebbs in your relationships.  As you hone in on your purpose in life, the Moon makes a powerful visit in your Palace of Intuition.  On Jan 5th, the Waxing Crescent brings an old grudge, issue or insecurity to rest. Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on that day, as previously mentioned, compounding the social significance of this crescent. Mars will soon visit, as well, suggesting Jan 5th is a major foreshadowing of things to come. Specifically, more peace of mind, which gains its power from literally not giving two shits what people think.  Keep a close eye on your mind on this date, and whatever triggers fear, joy, pain in the gut, sweaty palms or rapid breathing is a sign of what is to come.  With this Waxing Crescent, the Moon is just beginning a new flow of mental peace. 

The crescent progress into a Full Moon on Jan 13th, celebrates your intellect and knowledge on life.  Given the volatility of the month, I would be remiss in being blindly optimistic.  I want to prepare you to feel ready to take on life, so that as opposed to a helpless victim life is under your control as a survivor.  Your expression, sense of self, the words you use to communicate your mind, may feel under attack, threatened or in disarray. However, you are not powerless and the emblem of Aries is patient perseverance.  “Self-expression” will be defined and conditioned by what you attract, and by how you respond to things out of your control.  Look at your best qualities; begin with poetic, earthy, loyal, reliable and hard working.  These are you inalienable traits from the divine cosmos.  Jupiter is in a perfect trine to the Full Moon, a link that defines self-expression with joy and freedom. Jupiter’s good luck may reveal itself as a person of clout and respect, whose words validate and empower your self expression. Jupiter shows you how to speak for your mind, body and spirit to get you out of a toxic place that hampers learning and development.  You may even accept an offer to a school, institution, or organization that helps in re-establishing yourself in society.

Your closest relationships will desire a reset button on the Waning Crescent in your Palace of Commitment, Jan 19th.  No one ever said forming a partnership of love or business (like many of you did in 2016) would be a drain on the heart and soul.  You may be caught between plans to commit and the fatigue of wondering if the commitment will even take place, much less prosper. Your persistent Taurus nature keeps you in pursuit of your ideal romantic and professional ties.  The Moon here is bringing an end to the last remnants of old and faded promises.  This is a great time to understand and speak for your terms and conditions, and stand for your side of the bargain.  In knowing what it takes to go into business or marriage with you, you can better know what you want from the other. This date is a great day to negotiate, get married, and re-commit to your closest relationships. 

The first month of 2017 ends with a glamorous New Moon.  After helping you re-calibrate in other areas, the Moon helps in your quest for success.  She stops by in your Palace of Career on Jan 29th.  When the Moon gets naked and sheds herself of all her light, she goes silent into the night.  You cannot see her, because she is too good to keep cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up.  This Moon takes you by the hand and walks you through your aspirational Palace of Career. Except it ain’t no walk, but recognition with honor; and the Palace ain’t no career, but your dream job.  Others are awaiting to applaud you for all your hard work, and why would you hold back when they love what you give? You got the goods in name, skill, heart, mind and soul, and now it is time to climb and conquer!

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis   

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