Virgo Horoscope January 2017

Dear Virgo,

Happy New Year! Welcome to more enjoyment with deeper relationships with others and self.  The world you know today is a result of so much change in 2016.  You underwent various Mercury retrogrades which all touched upon your earth element.  As you elementally know, growth takes time to nurture because the earth element works with care.  Virgo knows this better than other signs because you have x-ray vision with which to break down complex systems into their basic pieces. This is a special trait of analysis whose lessons on life you can trust.  You are ready to reap the rewards you strived for in 2016. In 2017, your earth element is refreshingly tilled as you are fierce in your confident understanding of life.


The communicator Mercury opens the channels to more enjoyment in life.  He went Retrograde in the middle of New Year celebrations – as if there were no worst time! – and tenderizes your heart.  Mercury unearths issues which hindered fun in love and play.  You learn that life truly is uncontrollable, and if something must be taken serious, then have serious fun.

When Mercury Retrogrades he physically goes backward in his orbit in your Palace of Enjoyment.  He reworks the land, which has hardened over time.  The Palace of Enjoyment rules over true love, romance, joy for life, childhood innocence and pleasures. You can begin a new romance, explore love deeper, and rekindle your passion for your lover. Life’s stresses seem to slip away in this palace, where fun becomes as much a choice as anger and embitterment. As the grand wordsmith for the gods, Mercury gives you the perfect words of love with which to woo your crush.  You may also hear from a crush, and be on the receiving end of an infatuation.

Mercury threw obstacles into your love life in December because he is a staunch perfectionist.  He already visited, and went Retrograde in your Palace of Enjoyment, Jan 7th – 26, 2016; so this is your second wild ride in one year in your search for true love and joy.  At that point in your life, the love and joy of life was an illusion.  You have visions, plans and goals to explore the world, learn new things, eat new foods, and learn the various pleasures of the world.  Time and money and chance may have lacked in 2016 to make your dream life come true. A rich flow of new wealth pours into your life in 2017.

It is a new year, and, though you may start with a less than ideal situation with Mercury Retrograde, you have a whole year to set your path straight (or gay, just be free and happy!), and make it ideal! Jan 5th – 12th, Mercury Retrogrades so far back so as to recede into the previous palace, but alas, he is intent on giving your ideal life home-roots.  In all the places in the world you could have been, you are here today.  Most likely, you are eager to revisit your ideals and goals in life. Now is a great time to re-write your desires in love and relationships, as Mercury will help create the order, starting at home.  Look to Jan 9th when Mercury stops his retrograde and goes direct.  Your passion for a fun, exciting and pleasureful life gets strong footing at home.  Your home helps rekindle the flame of romance for life and true love, infusing your goals with deeper meaning. 

You begin to plant seeds of true love, fun and romance with refertilized soils when Mercury moves back into your Palace of Enjoyment.  You are certain of what gives you most pleasure and satisfaction in life.  There are little precious moments in life when you can capture the feeling of pure fun.  From Jan 13th – Feb 7th, you take power in your hands and create that true pleasure and satisfaction. With this keen self-awareness your drive is hyped and seemingly nothing can stop you.  Your confidence and self-esteem flow through you in your increasingly joyful and optimistic self-expression.

Love takes new meaning under the Palace of Enjoyment.  Your needs and desires in 2017 differ from those in 2016 with clarity and an urgent call to act.  The call may come with news of a pregnancy (congratulations!), an engagement or an invitation to a party.  If you prefer to stay indoors, paint, explore your creativity, write, and enjoy the arts.  At times, one can only triumph the ugly in life with the creation of art. By Feb 7th, the month of love, Mercury exalts your heart into the romantic airs of life.  You are uplifted by the very genuine expression of your heart, in whose power you have learned to hear, trust and follow.

The Sun

Your heart’s passion is incandescent under the Sun all month. He showers your Palace of Enjoyment to aflame your love life with Mercury, Dec 22nd – Jan 21st.  With more trust in your genuine desires for pleasure and satisfaction, the Sun alights your path to true happiness.  This may be a major turning point for you, as you care less what others think of as taboo.  On earth, the closest thing to heaven is love which at its core is: vulnerable, scary, exhilarating, thrilling and undeniably renders life more real. On Jan 21st, you come out of your knack for control and liberate yourself to have fun.  On the next day, Jan 22nd, you weave the fun and joyful pleasures of life into your daily routine. The Sun enters your Palace of Wellbeing, Jan 22nd – Feb 18th, when you center a new order around the creation of fun. He helps you refine your daily activities with your new outlook towards love, romance and enjoyment.  Set time aside to reconnect with your inner artiste and perhaps land the job that pays you for your talent.  The Palace of Wellbeing allows you to enact a new diet, exercise, gym membership, and weight loss program. You can also start a new program or hobby that strengthens your mind, which takes you from novice to master. If you have been desperate to pursue your true passion in life, the Sun with Mercury sets you on that track. By Feb 8th, on Mercury’s last day in your Palace of Enjoyment, your feet will stand happily in your heart’s truth.  Follow your heart and see your dream life materialize.


The ever divine goddess of beauty and love, Venus, reinforces your goals for an improved life in 2017.  She tours your Palace of Wellbeing from Dec 8th – Jan 4th, and works to spruce up your life with a total makeover in mind, body and spirit.  The new order you create in 2017 is beautified by Venus who enriches your spirit with daily time to count your blessings, meditate on your gifts, especially the greatest one of all: your life.  You wholly restructure your life in favor of a grind that gets you to sweat drops of passion. As previously mentioned, you can start as an apprentice now, and by year’s end be learned, practiced and possibly profit off a hobby, interest and creative talent. By Jan 4th, Venus proves you merit long-term prosperity in love and work.  She helps you officialize a union in romance and business, with confidence in stating your demands.  Mercury’s Retrograde in your Palace of Enjoyment aggravates your perception on marriage, and you seek more security and stability.  Recall, Mercury will briefly revisit your Home Palace, so if you are traveling a lot, or did so in 2016, home yearns to be rooted; you yearn to reconnect with home.  Home may feel precarious as Venus will urge Mercury to find you the perfect home.  Contracts regarding marriage, investments, business partnerships and employment can be signed in good faith.  List your terms and conditions, present them at the negotiation table, and win. Mutual respect and benefits will last for many years. You may re-make or break a relationship, or start to give your home life roots. I hope this horoscope inspires you to believe you have the power to get the best outcome.  By Feb 4th, your trust in your heart guides you to the arms of your partner, or your ideal lover, the keys to your new home, and a life of rich satisfaction.


Venus will be just a few degrees behind her lover, Mars, the god of war.  As she follows close behind, Mars forges into new territory, which Venus later fills with confidence. In her efforts to enrich your life with trust in your heart and relationships, Mars works in your personal favor to alleviate stress in relationships.  She inspires confidence in your demands for more trust, openness, reliability, and harmony with yourself, your significant other, and others of importance. Your perception of marriage includes an honest look into your idea of commitments.  With a more authentic idea of your true pleasures in life, trust yourself to make the best long-term promises. There is an emotional, financial or romantic component to marriage that increasingly became frustrated. However, Mars helps tear down walls so you definitively claim your end of the bargain in order to be truthful to yourself and others.  On Jan 28th, Mars helps you secure a financial and sexual stream of satisfaction as he enters your Palace of Energy.  He opens the channels into which you can make great strides and incredible orgasms. Mars don’t want his Virgo perfection to fade away.  The deterministic god of strategy looks upon your energy reserves and sees how 2016 utterly depleted you. Your concerted efforts to make your dream life happen are culminating to a tipping point.  Money and sex are physical creations from your spirit’s energy, which Mars shows you are under your power.  Wealth and pleasure are reborn with your renewed sense of passion.

The Moon

The Moon’s emotional tide flows in your energy, and ebbs in your knowledge.  As you take on life with focus on your passion, the Moon makes a monumental visit to your Palace of Energy. Jan 5h, the Waxing Crescent Moon inspires a rebirth of self.  She initiates a trend of sexual and financial stabilization.  These are two forms of physical energy your body exerts in the world. Both a precious and can lead to abundant happiness if harnessed well. Venus and Mercury are both making major moves on this day, as previously mentioned, reinforcing the powerful force of rebirth.  Mars will visit soon, as well, suggesting Jan 5th will foreshadow the evolution of your power over your sexuality and finances. Healthy partnerships, honest communication, mutual gratification, orgasmic revelations, and fat pockets.  As you age, you appreciate your allure and seduction, and as one would desire to be wealthy in the future, Virgos desire to be desired always.  Be it for looks or brains or both, Virgos entice with their fun love for nurturing order. You can harvest great fields of gratification in the wealth with wise management and use of your resources today.  This Waxing Crescent is a new wave of energy that powerfully starts off a new year.

The crescent dons her celestial dress of light as the Full Moon on Jan 13th.  She waltzes right into your Palace of Community and, under her twinkling truth, she shows off your allure in full glory.  This is the time to make important social moves, like announcing your new self. This palace looks over your social persona and the people in your network.  You can waltz into a networking event and be the apple no one can resist.  If your life is changing course, this Moon helps you be gracious in handling all the necessary commotion.  Polish up your social mask as society will grovel to take a peak, especially in your career or field of interest.  Make advantageous connections and follow up on promising leads; they promise big!

The Full Moon recedes into a Waning Crescent to bring closure to a life-changing 2016.  On Jan 19th, the Waning Crescent stops by in your Palace of Knowledge.  She begins to resolve many issues of doubt, about yourself, life, politics, religion, gender.  Your understanding of the world is fundamentally different, improved and wiser.  This is a night when many answers help bring peace and strength in knowing more.  Write a letter, or make a promise to yourself on this night, the words will flow from you. Assertiveness will be your day’s strongest attribute.

The first month of 2017 ends with a renewed sense of purpose in life.  The New Moon of Jan 29th  concludes the month with a visit to your Palace of Purpose.  Embrace your passion full of conviction it is what you are meant to be doing. The truth of your heart is too unique a splendor to fade away. When the Moon is New she gets naked and sheds herself of her light, and goes silent into the night.  She cannot be seen, because she is too good to be cooped up in the sky; just like you are too good to keep cooped up.  This Moon take you by the hand so you are passionately in pursuit of your truth.  In love, marriage, at home, in your job, in bed and the bank, 2017 is shaping up to be stable, secure and prosperous. Just be sure to follow your heart’s inner truth.

I wish you so much luck as you forge what seems to be a whole new life! Life can feel scary because the stars are always throwing troubles and trials our way.  However, you are not totally without control, as you will see this month.  Only you have the power to take what is given and happens to you, and from it all make your dreams come true. If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact. I would love to hear from you and help as much as I can.

May all your dreams and wishes come true for 2017!

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis 

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